Thursday, April 17, 2008

Daily Battleground 4/17/08

The daily battleground today was Eye of the Storm. I did it on Wranngar. We won the first one I was in. We started off 3 capping, MT, DR and FRR. My group was in charge of going out and getting FRR. The Horde were already there when we got there, as it's on their side, and we had a hell of a fight to take it but we finally got it. The Horde tried unsuccessfully to take it back a few times but we held on. They did manage to take DR and MT from us a couple times but could not hold them long enough to cap them. The Horde had 8 Rouges but a Rouge is nothing against a Druid :). We ended up winning 2000/740. The daily battleground pays 11g99s and 419 honor.


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