Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dreadsteed 4/16/08

We went and got Jacedic his Dreadsteed tonight. We had a group of 5, there was me on Gomorra, Axeelina, another Warrior Oneilly, Jacedic and another Warlock Jarh. Three Warlocks, some major DPS :). All the Warlocks were Demon spec so we all had Felguards. It was the smoothest Dreadsteed run I have ever done :). We went in and disabled the 5 pylons to drop the shield around Immol'thar, then killed him and set up the circle. I had to keep the 3 elements going while helping to fight all the demons that come into the circle and there are a lot of them. It seems like it goes on for hours but it can't be any more than 10 minutes, I am not sure, I have never timed it. Once we had the portal complete we got patched up and summoned the Dreadsteed. While you are fighting the Dreadsteed (You have to kill it when it comes through) a Dreadguard (The Dreadsteeds Master) also comes through and you have to kill him too. I can not believe we not only did not wipe during setting up the circle we did not even have a death. Once the Dreadsteed and Dreadguard were dead Jacedic talked to the Dreadsteeds spirit and got his mount :). This whole quest takes place in Dire Maul West, an instance on Kalimdor. Once again it was the smoothest run I ever had.


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