Thursday, February 18, 2010

Level 80! 2/17/10

Brieanna hit level 80 today. She reached level 70 in 11 total days played and level 80 in 15 total days played. Days played are just what they sound like, 24 hour days. I think if I didn't bother leveling up professions and secondary skills, and didn't screw around in the battlegrounds, I could have done it in 10 days played or less. I didn't use any type of leveling mods with her.

Gomorra, my first character, hit level 70 in 49 total days played. What a difference in time.

Wranngar, my second character, hit level 70 in 23 days played. Quite a difference between him and Gomorra, and quite a difference between him and Brieanna.

I was able to equip the couple pieces of PvP gear I had been able to get plus the new gun and a cape Wranngar made for her so she is not completely ungeared but is definitely under geared. That's ok, now it's time to spend some time in the battlegrounds. She already has a little under 20,000 honorable kills. I really like fighting in the battlegrounds on her with the ranged weapons she has.

She has her two primary professions, Skinning and Herbalism, at 450. For her secondary professions she has Cooking at 450, First Aid at 450 and her fishing is at 370, need to work on that some more. Her riding skill is 300, she can pilot any type of land or flying mount, with the exception of the Helicopter which requires Engineering and Magic Carpet which requires Tailoring.