Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brieonna – Level 56 Holy Priest

I got Brieonna to level 56 tonight. I finished up and turned in a couple quests in Un’Goro crater in Kalimdor then headed to Western Plaguelands to quest, and did a couple quests there. I would much rather quest there as it is a lot closer to the trainers when I have to train and a lot closer when I hearth back to Dalaran. When I was questing in Kalimdor it took me 10 minutes, or more, to get back every time I had to train or hearthed for any reason.

I did some random dungeons, I am up to Dire Maul East now. I did 3 runs through Upper City in Blackrock Depths and 2 through Dire Maul East. Those were good for a lot of XP.

I did a Priest quest in Azshara that was part of a chain. The end reward was, I thought, a nice wand. When I checked it against the wand I recently received, as a drop in BRD, it wasn’t as good. The final quest called for me to go into Sunken Temple, which I am kind of past now, so I dropped it. I would have had to queue specifically for that dungeon and it just wasn’t worth it.

I am now less than 2 levels away from Outlands, I am going to have to start doing daily’s again on my 80’s to get some gold for flying lessons and a mount.