Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feeling Crabby?

Feeling Crabby? is one of the new Cata daily cooking quests obtained from Robby Flay (50,71) in Stormwind City. For those without coord's he is located right outside the Stockades.


Fresh crab legs have always been one of the King's favorite foods. We have had good luck catching fresh crabs in the canals over the past few weeks. Do you think you can lend me a hand and catch a few of them for me? Be sure to catch them alive, they are no good to me dead, the King requires the freshest catch we can muster.

Like all the Cata daily cooking quests this takes place right in, or immediately around, Stormwind. For this one you will be jumping in the canals and collecting 10 Canal Crabs. You will find them running around in the bottom of the canals. You need to remember to surface for breath once in awhile while you're doing this one. The crabs are tiny and move pretty fast so you have to be quick.

Once you have the 10 Canal Crabs, return to Robby Flay and turn them in for your reward. For completing this one you will receive 9g40s, 1 skill point to your cooking skill, 2 Chef's Awards and 250 rep with Stormwind. This is worth it just for the 2 Chef's Awards alone. You will need the Chef's Awards to buy the Cata recipes that cost either 3 or 5 Chef's Awards each.

Happy Cooking



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