Monday, November 9, 2009

Daily Battleground - Alterac Valley 11/9/09

I did some battlegrounds on Wranngar today. I did 4 Alterac Valley, 2 wins and 2 losses. After that I fought in 6 Eye of the Storm battles, 2 losses and 4 wins, we were doing a little better in there today. When I grabbed the daily it was AV so I was back in there. We won that one so I got my daily done.

The first AV I was in we won it easily, we got the towers, IBT, TP, EFWT, WFWT, Galv, IBGY, FWGY, the aid station and then killed Drek, it went pretty smooth. I joined right up again to get back into the same group but no such luck. The next battle I was in someone decided it would be a good idea to take and hold SHGY, that had all the Horde rezzing in front of us, and that cost us the battle as is always does. The 3rd battle was lost because of stupidity and AFK. Both were running rampant in that one. Most everyone was at Dun Baldar which was doing us no good at all, and even though most everyone was there the Horde were still capping bunkers and the relief station..... I dreaded doing AV as my daily but got in with a fairly decent group. We had a little trouble getting IBT and TP but eventually did. We would have won it on reinforcements but ended up getting enough people at Drek to take him down. There were a lot of people AFK in all the AV battles I was in. In the last one, my daily, there were 4 or 5 AFK at Drek. They figure if they make it all the way to Drek no one will report them AFK. The TuringTest AFK Reporter doesn't fall for that trick though and reports them anyway. I make sure to announce all the AFK to the battleground every 5 minutes or so and give people the opportunity to mark them AFK.

In Eye of the Storm we did really good on the ones we won and really bad on the ones we lost. For the most part we had a 3 or 4 cap going on the ones we won, we were all over the Horde. In the ones we lost we lost due to Flagtards. It makes me want to puke when there are 10 or more people at the flag and we don't even have a tower..... Then they get the flag and say "quick, someone get a tower". These are the same stupid people making the same stupid mistakes over and over again. Fortunately there were only 2 battles like that so I figure nap time must have come around as they were at the start. There were a lot of AFK in EoS today too, they are everywhere.

Later: I got back on Wrann and did some more battlegrounds. I fought in one more AV, a loss, One Isle of Conquest, a loss, and 10 Eye of the Storm, 7 wins and 3 losses.

The AV I fought in I got in late, it was already in progress and it was in sad shape. The only thing we had was SHGY and they were hanging onto that for dear life. They were concentrating on that to the point that the Horde were capping our bunkers, GY and Aid Station in Dun Baldar with no resistance. It is really sad that after all this time people still don't know how to play AV. It is even sadder still that the same stupid people will make the same stupid mistake of taking and holding SHGY in battle after battle.....

I got in late in the IoC battle too, I was only in it for about a minute and a half before it was over, the Horde had everything, including our keep, and we had nothing. There were 9 AFK in the IoC battle I was in, 1/4 of our team. Nap time was definitely over.

We did better in EoS for awhile but you could see when nap time got over, we went from owning to getting owned. We had 6 wins in a row, 3 and 4 caps, running the flag, keeping the Horde on their rock. Then we lost one, it was the beginning of the end. We went from owning to 3/4 of our team at the flag. Then we won another one, barely, I think it was the leftovers before we got flooded by the nappers, then we lost 2 in a row. And I mean LOST. In the last one I was in we were losing DR but we still had 7 people at the flag and then we got it, but by that time we had lost DR and had no where to take it..... Those are the flagtards, all they can see is the flag, they can't think, they can't reason, they can't be reasoned with, all they know is there is a flag there and they have to get it. Towards the very end of the last battle I was in one of the flagtards actually said, while we had one tower and were 900+ points behind, "Don't worry about the towers, it's all the flag now"...

All in all I did have a pretty good run today during nap time. I got a lot of kills and a lot of honor, not that I have anything to spend the honor on, I'm in it for the kills.

Blood is Thicker and Convention at the Legerdemain 11/9/09

I got on Wranngar and got my daily's done between battlegrounds. The daily cooking today was Convention at the Legerdemain and the fishing was Blood Is Thicker, a couple real easy, quick ones. I did a few battlegrounds yesterday and I think I'm hooked again.

I did the cooking first as usual. I ran to the bank and grabbed 4 Chilled Meat, to make my Northern Stew, then I was off to One More Glass, the wine and cheese shop in Dalaran for a Jug of Wine. I found the wine upstairs today. I headed over to see Arille Azuregaze, the bartender at The Legerdemain after that. He gave me 9g93s, a Dalaran Cooking Award and a Small Spice Bag for the stew and wine. Today my Small Spice Bag had 5 Northern Spices, 3 Baby Spice and another Dalaran Cooking Award in it. Not a bad haul for this one today.

I did the fishing after that. I took the flight path to Un'upe then flew half way out to the icebergs before I remembered I was doing Blood is Thicker today. I turned around and flew inland until I found a Marsh Caribou to kill. Killing that got me covered in blood so I flew back to the shore and jumped in to wash it off and create a Blood Pool. I fished the Blood Pool until I had 5 Bloodtooth Frenzy, then headed back to see Marcia Chase (53,65), by the fountain in Dalaran. I gave her the 5 Bloodtooth Frenzy and she gave me a Bag of Fishing Treasures. Today my Bag of Fishing Treasures had 10g99s95c, a Glow Worm, a Diamond-tipped Cane and 2 Runic Mana Potions in it. Not the best haul today but I have had worse. I will keep plugging away because I know there are still some good stuff to be had from this daily, like the Jeweled Fishing Pole. I wouldn't use it, it is definitely a chick pole but I want it to add to my collection.

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