Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shealin - Level 37 Fire Mage - 7/1/10

I worked on Shealin some more the last couple days and got her to level 37. I can now portal myself everywhere except Shattrath and Dalaran. That's ok though, I got a Mage to port me to Dalaran the other day, where I set my hearthstone to home, so I can just hearth there and use the portals to go wherever I want.

I have been doing a lot of dungeons and a little questing. I have done all the Scarlet Monastery dungeons now. I did one run through the Cathedral today but I was only 36, the minimum level to be in there, and my DPS was pretty poor. The reason it was so poor was because I couldn't hit anything. The mobs were too high and I was missing with most my casts. The group I did the Armory with queued into there instead of a random after, that was how I got in there. In a random I wouldn't have queued in there yet. I also did a couple runs through the Library too.

I did two runs through Razorfen Kraul. One of them was fun and the other not so much fun. We had a pretty bad tank in one run and I ended up doing a lot of tanking myself. I thought he was one of those tanks that could only hold aggro on one mob at a time but that was not the case, he couldn't even hold aggro on one. He was a Warrior and Warriors have an AoE that they use when taking multiple mobs to get aggro on all of them. I am not sure what it is called, Stomp or Thunder or something, but he wasn't using it. I finally pointed out to him he was tanking multiple mobs and he should be using his AoE. He used it a couple times after that and it went better for those times but he wasn't using it all the time for some reason. Maybe he didn't want to tank.

Yesterday we had this jerk that queued into Scarlet Monastery Graveyard as a tank. He was a Druid but when he got there he said he wasn't a tank, he was a healer. Apparently he had done this before, according to someone in the group. What he was doing was queuing as a tank because tanks get almost instant queues then refusing to tank. He just didn't want to wait for the queue. At that point someone else would tank, if they could, but then there would be two healers... Idiots like that should be banned from the game. They screw it up for everyone.