Saturday, May 29, 2010

Breeonna - Level 73 Elemental Shaman

I got Breeonna to level 73 and am still at less than 7 days /played. I am still on track to hit 80 in less than 10 days /played I think.

I did some quests and some random dungeons tonight. I didn't have much luck in the dungeons, I was in three groups and in all three of them the tank and healer ended up leaving. In two of them we waited around and got another tank and healer and one of the groups ended up falling apart.

In the first group that fell apart the healer, who wasn't that good at all, was really mouthy. They said if they didn't need to stop and drink mana then neither should I. That is about a 5 year old's mentality because I am casting all the time and they cast once in awhile. They also said they didn't need the DPS to get through the instance. That right there shows how either stupid or inexperienced they were, DPS is what gets the job done, it is what makes the group. Without DPS you are going nowhere.

Anyway we, the DPS, ended up kicking the failtard Priest which happened to be a friend of the Tank so he left too, good riddance to them both. After that we got a tank and healer in who were capable and got the instance done.

In the second group first the healer left because they just couldn't do the job, then the tank left because he was squishy and, I think, knew he was out of his league. Then the other two DPS left which left only me, so I requeued and did a couple quests while I was waiting.

In the third group the healer fell and died then left group. The Tank left right after that but we were able to get an 80 Paladin Tank one of the people in the group knew. We got a new healer right after that. The healer made the comment it was a little boring because he didn't have to heal the tank so the tank took all his armor off so the healer would have something to do lol. It was interesting after that but the healer managed to keep him alive although he didn't have any spare time to complain about being bored.

I will continue to do a combination of quests and randoms to get to 80 as fast as I can. One thing I have noticed about these dungeons is they do not drop a lot of caster mail gear. Most of the mail they drop has attack power instead of spell power and the stuff that does have spell power is either plate, cloth or leather. Oh well, sooner or later I will get some pieces. I did regear from gear I got off the auction house when I hit 73 and my DPS really shot up. In the last dungeon I was in I was at the top of the DPS list and did over 600,000 more damage than the next highest person. That is quite a bit, it was almost double what they did.