Monday, December 21, 2009

Daily Fishing - Blood is Thicker 12/20/09

At least the daily fishing was different today when I picked it up from Marcia Chase (53,65), by the fountain in Dalaran. Today she had Blood Is Thicker for me.

This one had me taking the flight path to Unu'pe. Once there I flew inland until I found a Marsh Caribou to kill. Killing that covered me in blood so I flew back to shore and jumped in to wash the blood off me and make a blood pool. I fished the blood pool until I caught 5 Bloodtooth Frenzy.

I hearthed back to Dalaran and turned those in to Marcia. For that she gave me a Bag of Fishing Treasures with 7g47s45c, a Glow Worm, 4 Deviate Fish and a Sealed Vial of Poison. I love getting a Sealed Vial of Poison.

Sealed Vial of Poison starts a quest. I took the quest, which is to deliver the poison to Alchemist Cinesra in The Black Market. I did that and got 13g23s for a minutes effort, not a bad deal.

Convention at the Legerdemain - Daily Cooking 12/20/09

Today my daily cooking was Convention at the Legerdemain again. I hate it when it gets stuck on this one, it eats up my stock of Chilled Meat pretty fast.

I ran over to the bank to grab 4 pieces of Chilled Meat to make the Northern Stew this one calls for then ran over to One More Glass, the wine and cheese shop, to grab a Jug of Wine. I found it downstairs today. This one is pretty fast and easy, just uses a lot of mats.

I took the stew and wine over to Arille Azuregaze, the bartender at The Legerdemain and exchanged it for 9g93s, a Dalaran Cooking Award and a Small Spice Bag with 3 Northern Spices and 5 Old Spices in it. Not a bad haul today.

Breianna 12/20/09

I played Brieanna for a while tonight, I was working on her Herbalism. She has Skinning and Herbalism for professions. Her skinning is at 277 which is right on track for where she's questing but her Herbalism was at 1.

I started picking herbs in Dun Morogh where I was getting Silverleaf, Peacebloom and Earthroot. I had to go see the Herbalism Trainer at level 75 to train to 150. As I leveled up I moved into Loc Modan where I was getting Silverleaf, Peacebloom, Earthroot, Mageroyal, Briarthorn, which seems to come with Swiftthistle, and Bruiseweed. I got everything I could in Loc Modan and moved into the Wetlands. In the Wetlands I could pick Briarthorn, Swiftthistle and Bruiseweed but I couldn't pick the Liferoot and Wild Steelbloom there. I am at 107 now in Herbalism and need to get to 150 before I can pick those.

I looked on Thottbot and saw that I can pick Bruiseweed and Briarthorn in Duskwood so I headed there before I logged off.

When my bags got full I hit the auction house and put all the herbs I collected on there. I should make about 10 gold from them. I can't use them, Brieanna is a gatherer, she will sell all the leather and herbs she gets, she's a money maker.