Saturday, April 9, 2011

Halls of Origination - Random daily Heroic 4/9/11

Today Wranngar's random daily heroic was Halls of Origination. I did it with 2 other guild members and it went pretty well even though the tank pulled the group after the first boss then bailed. He got what he was after from the first boss and pulled the next group before bailing just to be a jerk. I switched to bear form and tanked the group with no problem.

We didn't do all the bosses, just the ones we had to plus one extra one at the end because the healer was hoping for the mace to drop but it didn't. On the Rahj fight both the guild members I was with died when he did Inferno Leap. I battle rezzed the Mage and we got Rahj down without a wipe. Druids are the only class that can rez while in combat, all the other classes that can rez have to wait until out of combat, that is why it is called a battle rez. Because I am glyphed for it, I rez the person back to 100% health.

All in all it was a pretty quick and easy run and I collected my 70 valor points but didn't get the Chaos Orb.

Vortex Pinnacle - Random Daily Heroic 4/8/11

Today my daily random heroic on my Druid Wranngar was Vortex Pinnacle. I was lagging pretty bad throughout the entire dungeon and it affected my dps. We still managed to have a good run even with the lag issues which were not affecting just me.

I had to switch over to tanking once when the tank got blown over the edge fighting trash mobs. Some of the trash mobs have a blow back that they do when they die and it is a good idea to have your back to a wall at all times. Not following my own rule I got blown into another group of mobs when they did it.

The only real scary part was on the last boss when I was lagging so bad I couldn't avoid the static cling and barely made it into the grounding field each time because I didn't even see him making it until it was almost complete. We got through it tho and I collected my 70 valor points but didn't get the Chaos Orb. I have 6 orbs now but it has been a couple days since I won one so I am due.

Magmaw 10 Man Raid Conculsion

Our raid on Magmaw did not go well at all. As usual not everyone that signed up showed up for the raid so we were short handed. We had to pug out for 3 positions and that got us started 1 hour and 15 minutes late. I have learned not to drink a flask/elixir until we are actually inside the instance and ready to start fighting. I made the mistake of drinking one as soon as I arrived at the instance once then stood there for over an hour watching the 115 gold flask I drank wear off while we did nothing.

We recruited 3 players from trade chat. One of the requirements was that they not be wearing any PvP gear. Of course all of the people that responded were wearing some PvP gear when we inspected them upon arrival at the instance. Needless to say that got us off to a few false starts.

When we finally got inside we had about 45 minutes left. We got the first wandering pat down without a problem, then got the other 2 mobs that stand in front of Magmaw down. When we started on Magmaw we had a plan worked out. I had switch from my Druid Wranngar to my Hunter Brieanna because they couldn't find a Hunter and the Hunter that was supposed to come with us from our guild didn't show up. The plan was that I would stand at ranged so I would get the Pillar of Fire on me, then I would lay down an ice trap, which did not work any of the times I did it, and all the ranged dps would turn and dps down the maggots that come out of the Pillar of Fire. The main problem we had there was none of the dps were turning and dpsing down the maggots which was leaving me dead as I was the only one attacking them.

Basically it was wipe after wipe and will continue to be so until we get a core team together that can learn, through practice, to work together as a team. Recruiting pugs is not the answer, it is a waste of pre-scheduled time and you get what you get when you pug. To say I am completely disgusted with some of the members of this guild that "want to raid" is an understatement.