Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hitting A Walleye

Hitting a Walleye is one of the new daily fishing quests obtained from Catherine Leland (55,69) on a dock in the canals in Stormwind. For those without coords it is the dock between Trade District and Mage District.


Sometimes, I fish for fun. Other times to relax, but sometimes I want a challenge. That's where the hardened walleye comes into the picture. This prized fish is not caught for us to eat, but for the challenge. You can find the walleye in Stormwind Lake just north of the city. Think you are up to the challenge?

For this one you will be heading to Stormwind Lake. This is not the lake with the island, it is the lake between Dwarven District and Cathedral Square. Once there all you need to do is fish up 8 Hardened Walleye. As you get one pretty much every single cast this does not take long at all. Once you have the 8 you need, return to Catherine Leland and turn in for your reward.

You will receive 7g40s, a Bag of Shiny Things and +1 to Fishing Skill. The +1 to Fishing Skill is what makes it worth doing this daily. At fishing skill 450+ it takes about a dozen fish to get 1 skill point, so it is worth it to do this daily for the point alone. Your Bag of Shiny Things will contain around 1 silver (on average) and a couple useless items. That's really all there is to this one.

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