Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brieonna - Level 60 Holy Priest

I got Brieonna to level 60 tonight and got her a Snowy Gryphon flying mount and 225 riding skill so she can fly it. That was a total of 275 gold, 225 gold for 225 riding skill and another 50 gold for the mount itself. That is not bad at all. It used to be 800 gold for the riding skill and another 100 gold for the flying mount. I did some daily's today and will need to keep doing them so I can get the Tome of Cold Weather Flight, so she can learn cold weather flying in Northrend at level 68 instead of 77.

I did a combination of questing and random dungeons to get the 2 levels I needed. I did one run through Lower Blackrock Spire, where she got her Worg Pup, and 2 runs through Ramparts in Hellfire Peninsula, in Outlands. In the Outlands you get really good XP from quests and of course you get good XP from doing random dungeons. I got a couple pieces of new gear and have a quest for Blood Furnace which will give me a nice pair of pants to upgrade the pair I got yesterday, a lot more spellpower.

Brieonna is moving along nicely and will be in Northrend in a few days I think.

Brieonna - Level 58 Holy Priest

I got Brieonna to level 58 tonight and am now in Outlands. The first thing I did when I hit 58 was abandon all my quests in Azeroth, I won't be needing them anymore.

I did some daily's on Brieanna tonight to get some gold together for Brieonna's 225 riding skill and mount. Ever since I got hacked I don't keep a lot of gold on hand, I earn it as I need it. Blizzard restored all my gold, with the exception of 1,500, but if I get hacked again I don't want them getting any gold, or very little.

I grabbed a few quests when I got to Outlands but haven't started to do any yet. I am not sure which dungeons I will be queuing into there, the top end Pre-BC ones or the BC ones. It really doesn't make a difference, there is good XP to be had in both.

I did a few runs in Lower Blackrock Spire tonight. Some were good, one was not. In one of them we had a Pally tank that could not hold aggro. On anything. I came into that one in progress, their healer had left. It didn't take me long to realize why. In the first fight I was the first to die. I threw a HoT (Heal over Time) onto the tank, a very low level, low threat heal, and all the mobs came off him and right over to me. He had no threat, he couldn't hold aggro. Usually in a wipe the tank is the first one to die. I went through 2 wipes with that group, which were only 2 fights, same mobs, before I bailed. In both wipes the tank was the last one to die, what does that tell you? They weren't interested in him at all, the tank, the guy that is supposed to be holding aggro...

I did have a couple good groups though, with good tanks and those were a breeze. We got the instance done and I got my achievement.