Friday, May 29, 2009

Polishing the Helm

Polishing the Helm is a daily rep quest for The Sons of Hodir. You need to be friendly with The Sons of Hodir to get this daily. If you are not friendly with The Sons of Hodir check out this post Unlocking The Sons of Hodir Daily's.

You pick this quest up from the helm at Dun Niffelem. It is hung up and you need to fly up to get it. The objective of this quest is to get 5 Viscous Oil to polish Hodir's Helm with.

You get the Viscous Oil from the Viscous Oil Mobs inside the Hibernal Cavern (55,64). The Hibernal Cavern is located west of Dun Niffelem in the Valley Ancient Winters. If you are heading west from Dun Niffelem you will find it on the right side a little over half way through the valley. Viscoius Oil Mobs are the mobs in there that look like greenish blobs moving around. You need to kill them and loot the Viscous Oil from them.

Once you have the 5 Viscous Oil you need you can head back to Dun Niffelem to turn in. You turn this back in to Hodir's Helm. This quest pays 13g23s and 250 rep with The Sons of Hodir. Another fast and easy quest although, like all the others, it can take awhile if everyone is trying to do it at once. You should plan on doing this one along with Spy Hunter and Feeding Arngrim as they are all in the same area.

Good Luck :)

The Sons of Hodir - Exalted


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