Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Bastion of Twilight Trash Farming - 3/29/11

I did a couple Bastion of Twilight trash farming runs on my Druid Wranngar tonight and finally got lucky. It was the first time I took him trash farming and while I didn't get anything for him I did get Dragonwreck Throwing Axe by rolling a 92 on the raid roll (1-100).

There was one tank (Warrior) there that really wanted it, he ended up leaving after I won it, but the rules were laid down before we started the first run. The rules were Main Spec (MS) and if no one there had a main spec that could use it then it went to raid roll. He was arguing that because he could equip it he should get it without a roll, but it is really a Rogue weapon. Agility is not a primary tank stat. The raid leader called it and he called a raid roll. Anyway the tank threw a fit and left group and we ended up calling it a night after that.

While I didn't get the helm or trinket I was after I was pretty happy to get that. I put it on the auction house for a starting bid of 9000g and a buyout price of 9999g99s99c. That was a couple thousand gold less than the next highest of the three that were on the auction house. 359 BoE drops go for outrageous prices on my server so I shouldn't have a problem selling it. I looked it up on Thottbot and they said the average buyout price is 6700g. That is about right because 359 BoE drops that have an average buyout price of 7000g - 10000g across servers go for 30000g - 40000g on my server. It is just crazy but I am not complaining. I only complain when I want to buy something ;-p. If it doesn't sell I will try to find a Leatherworker that has a Rogue and see if they will trade a couple 359 crafted leather items for it. I will be doing heroics on Wranngar soon anyway so I will be getting my own orbs to craft 359 leather items with.