Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rock Lobster

Rock Lobster is one of the new daily fishing quests obtained from Catherine Leland (55,69) on a dock in the canals in Stormwind. For those without coords it is the dock between Trade District and Mage District.


If I could choose my last meal, it would definitely be fresh lobster tail. Something about that tasty crustacean is just irresistible! We recently started trapping lobsters here in Stormwind. Would you mind heading out and checking the traps for me?

One more thing, watch out for the sharks. They can be viscous down there.

This is a really fast and simple one. You will be heading to Stormwind Harbor. Once there all you need to do is dive down and collect 6 Rock Lobsters from the traps scattered around on the bottom of the harbor. You can usually use 3 of the traps and just do 2 laps around them to get the 6 Rock Lobsters you need, they respawn fast. When you have the 6, head back to Catherine Leland and turn it in. You will receive 7g40s and a Bag of Shiny Things, which so far has just had useless junk and an average of 1 silver in it. You will also get +1 to fishing skill which makes this quest worth it right there as you need to catch around a dozen fish to get one skill point in fishing when you are over 450 fishing skill.

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