Friday, January 7, 2011

Random Dungeons 1/7/11

I have been doing a lot of random dungeons on Brieanna, Brieonna and Breeonna lately to get rep with the various factions I want to buy gear from.

It seems like I end up in Grim Batol on Brieanna 9 times out of 10 that I queue on her. I am getting so sick of GB. I have gotten everything I can out of there, I still need one more trinket before all my items on her will be 333+, but the rep is good because there are so many mobs to kill. I am currently working on Guardians of Hyjal rep on her so I can buy a pair of boots they have. Her Item Level is 334 and I will start doing heroics on her soon.

Brieonna ends up in GB a lot too. She gets The Lost City of the Tol'vir a lot too but I haven't seen the cloth bracers drop in there when I am on her. They drop almost every time I am in there on my Shaman, Breeonna, and Hunter, Brieanna though. Of course they are BoP (Bind on Pickup) so that does me no good. There are a few items in Halls of Origination too that she could use if they would only drop when I am on her and not on another one of my toons. Her Item Level is 329 right now, high enough to get into heroics but I don't think I am doing the DPS on her for heroics yet.

I haven't worked on Breeonna in a little while now, I have been concentrating on the others because they have a lower Item Level. All of her items are a minimum of 333 and she has a few pieces that are 346. Her Item Level is 336. I have tried a few heroics on her but the groups usually fall apart, the main reason I stopped doing dungeons back in Vanilla WoW and went to PvP.

I can only hope that the groups in heroics will get better as time goes on. I remember the Lich King heroics seemed pretty tough the first time in there but they are nothing compared to the Cata normal dungeons now.

I have not really worked on Gomorra since getting him to 85 so I still have him to gear up too.

Wranngar is still 80. I have his Leatherworking up to 501 and that is about all I have done on him so far.