Friday, June 25, 2010

Daily's and Dungeons 6/24/10

I have been doing my daily's and heroic dungeons on Breeonna, Brieanna and Brieonna. I have been doing the cooking on Brieanna and the fishing on both Brieanna and Brieonna. I am still hoping to get the Jeweled Fishing Pole for Brieonna from the daily fishing quest but haven't had much luck so far.

I have been doing my daily quests for the Knights of the Ebon Blade and The Sons of Hodir on Breeonna to get some gold together for the 300 riding skill on her and Brieonna. That is starting to add up.

I have done the season daily for Ice Frost Lord Ahune the last few days on Breeonna and Brieanna too. That is a really quick dungeon and awards 2 Emblem of Frost for the first run. You get nothing after that except a chance at the cape he drops which I don't need so I try to limit that to one run a day. I did do 3 runs the other day because someone in the group was after a certain one of the 5 capes he drops but when he finally got it I went on to other things.