Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The King's Cider

One of the new Cataclysm daily cooking quests, available from Robby Flay (50,71) in Stormwind City, is The King's Cider. For those without coord's he is located right outside The Stockades. Like all the cooking quests, this is completed in, or immediately around, Stormwind City.


I am forever in debt to our King for all that he has done for us. One thing I can do for him is make his favorite drink! Lucky for us, the ingredients we need to make this wonderful drink are located right here in Stormwind City. Apple trees can be found in every district of Stormwind. These trees are too tall to pick the fruit from, but lucky for us the apples have fallen to the ground and are easy to retrieve.

This one has you running around the city picking up apples from beneath apple trees. You need to gather 12. The apples can be found under apple trees along the canals and in the various areas of the city. One place you shouldn't overlook is Cathedral Square, there are a bunch of apple trees there. You will generally get 2 or 3 from beneath each tree. Of course that depends on how long it has been since someone was there picking them up.

Once you have 12, you return to Robby Flay and turn them in. For this daily you will receive 9g40s, 250 reputation with Stormwind, 2 points to your cooking skill and a Chef's Award which you need to buy the Cataclysm recipes. The recipes cost either 3 awards or 5 awards.

That is really all there is to this one and if it takes you more than 5 minutes from start to finish you are doing something wrong.

Happy Cooking