Monday, July 12, 2010

Shealin - Level 46 Fire Mage - 7/11/10

I did some more questing and some more dungeons on Shealin and managed to get her to level 46. She is moving along nicely. As usual I was in queue for a random dungeon the whole time I was playing, except when I was in a dungeon, and I did quests while I waited. I got caught in a sandstorm in Tanaris while I was questing, it wasn't too bad, I have been in worse.

I finally got out of Maraudon Purple and into Maraudon Orange. I also had one run through Zul'Farrak that I got a lot of XP and a level out of. Then it was back to Maraudon Purple again. The speed at which I am leveling I should be done with these soon tho.

When I turned in all the quests I completed in Zul'Farrak and a couple I didn't have time to turn in before I went in there I leveled again to 46. Only 34 more levels to go.