Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shealin - Level 42 Fire Mage - 7/8/10

I haven't been able to get much play time in over the last few days but I did get some time today. Shealin is now level 42 and has a lot of rested XP so the rest of this level should go by pretty fast.

I was questing in Tanaris and doing dungeons. The dungeon I am stuck in now is Maraudon Purple. Maraudon is so huge they broke it into, I believe, 3 parts, Purple, Orange and Yellow. You get credit for each part and get the achievement when you have completed all 3. I have run Purple 4 or 5 times now. I can remember doing this when it was all one part, which you still can if you want to, and it used to take hours on end. I am happy they broke it up.

I got Shealin her Armored Brown Bear as soon as she hit 40. The price on that went down, maybe because it is the 6th one I have bought? I don't know but I doubt that is the reason. It is more likely they just lowered the price. It cost me 750 gold each for the first 5 but this one only cost me 712 gold. That is with no Kirin Tor rep, the more rep you have with them the lower the price gets. Because I get them at level 40 it is impossible for me to have any rep with Kirin Tor as they are in Dalaran in Northrend, a place I am not supposed to be until level 68.

As I have said before I am in no hurry to level this one, I am just going to work on it when I feel like it and get to 80 when I get to 80. I did what I set out to do with Breeonna and that was level a character 1 to 80 in less than 10 days /played. I got her to 80 in 8 days 14 hours /played. I don't even know how much time I have /played on Shealin, I haven't even looked.