Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spy Hunter

Spy Hunter is a daily you can do to build rep with The Sons of Hodir. You need to be honored with The Sons of Hodir to be able to pick up this quest. If you can't do daily's for The Sons of Hodir yet check out Unlocking The Sons of Hodir Daily's for information on how you can start.

You pick this quest up from the Frostworg Denmother at Dun Niffelem. She is located on the very bottom level in the northwest corner.

To complete this quest you must defeat 3 Stormforged Spies in the Valley of Ancient Winters. You are given a Ethereal Worg Fang to use at the Corpse of the Fallen Worg (57,64) in the Valley of Ancient Winters. To do this you just go to the Corpse of the Fallen Worg and right click on the Ethereal Worg Fang. An Ethereal Worg will appear to lead you to a Stormforged Spy.

You need to follow the Ethereal Worg around while it sniffs out a spy. It is a good idea to target your Ethereal Worg then set focus which will put it on your screen down below the party area. The reason for this is there are usually a lot of people around donig this at the same time and the Roaming Jormungar will attack you and your Ethereal Worg and you will end up losing your Worg. The way you set focus is to right click on the Ethereal Worg's portrait, when you have him targeted, and click on 'Set Focus'.

Eventually the Ethereal Worg will find a Stormforged Spy at which time he will stop and howl. This will cause the Stromforged Spy to appear and throw out some kind of threat like 'Time to die'. You kill him and get credit. You have to kill 3 Stormforged Spies to complete the quest.

When you have your 3 kills you turn this back in to the Forstworg Denmother for 13g23s and 350 rep with The Sons of Hodir. This is another easy quest that returns good gold and rep for very little time. You should plan on doing this one at the same time you do Polishing the Helm and Feeding Arngrim as they are all basically in the same area.

Good Luck :)

The Sons of Hodir - Exalted


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