Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Molten Core

I took part in a raid with my guild into Molten Core tonight. I went on Gomorra who is attuned for Molten Core. My Hunter Brieanna is also attuned from when she got her Core Hound out of there.

We started off with 10 members, 9 from the guild and one from outside the guild. I took the raid leader to get attuned earlier so we could summon people in, under the assumption that there would be one more attuned person in the raid. It turned out there wasn't another attuned person so I ran another person in. Once there were 3 of us inside the instance we could summon everyone else in.

I already had the achievement but didn't really remember my way around in there, it is a big place. As we progressed through the instance we lost a person here and a person there from them dropping out. We did manage to kill all the bosses including the last boss Ragnaros, which is the one you have to kill to get the achievement.

As usual there was some whining from some people but for the most part I think everyone had a good time. There were no deaths and we were down to 5 people by the time we got to the last boss. We still got him down without a problem. Considering the majority of us were level 80 it is not surprising.

Breeonna - Level 71 Elemental Shaman

I got Breeonna to level 71 tonight. I did a combination of questing and random dungeons to do that. I am still questing in Borean Tundra.

I have been having a lot of trouble getting through Utgarde Keep lately. We have had some bad tanks and some bad healers lately. We can usually make it to the last boss then can't get him down. It's not a hard instance, but there are some things you need to know to get the last boss down. The first thing the tank needs to do is keep the boss turned away from the group, that way his smash doesn't damage everyone. The next thing you need to keep in mind is the roar he does, you have to stop casting when he does that or it will clock whatever spells you are casting. I am not sure but it might be as long as 10 seconds, during that time you can not cast any spells from that class. This is where the healers are failing. They are getting caught casting when he roars and then they can't cast. They can't heal and the tank dies. Then everyone else dies.

I did get to do one run through the Nexus and that was a nice change of scenery. We had no problem in there. The thing you have to remember about the last boss in Nexus is to keep moving. She puts a frost stack debuff on you and the only way to remove it is to move. You can do that simply by jumping. You would not believe how many people don't get it even when you explain it out to them before the fight.

I had one group in Nexus the other day I was healing on my Priest, Brieonna, where one of the players was just standing there at the last boss. Hunters, Mages and Warlocks, ranged fighters, will do that. When the stacks get up to 2 they start doing a lot of damage to you. I kept yelling MOVE to him but he just stood there. I managed to keep him alive through the fight but I was pretty mad but the time it was over. He still had the stacks on him, when it was over, and he still wasn't moving. I continued to yell MOVE to him but he just stood there so I let him die and left. We had completed the instance. Maybe after paying for repairs he will get it right next time.