Saturday, January 16, 2010

Knights of the Ebon Blade and Sons of Hodir Daily's 1/16/10

Today I did all the Daily's for the Knights of the Ebon Blade and The Sons of Hodir on both Wranngar and Gomorra. I was really low on gold in the bank, less than 100, so I had to start doing daily's again. I probably could have come up with a couple hundred in a pinch if I hit up all my toons and the guild bank, but that still isn't really enough to buy anything. That is the cost of PvPing all the time and not doing daily's.

I did the Knights of the Ebon Blade first. There are 6 I do for them, they take me about 2 minutes each character. The ones I do for them are Leave Our Mark, Vile Like Fire!, Shoot 'Em Up, From Their Corpses, Rise!, No Fly Zone and Intelligence Gathering. I don't hand in Intelligence Gathering every day, the documents you need to get have a really poor drop rate so I hang onto them when I get them and turn them in when I have 5, usually once a week. You can waste a lot of time every day looking for them. These pay 13g23s each so it adds up. I did turn in Intelligence Gathering on Wranngar today so that was an extra 13g23s.

After that I was off to Storm Peaks to do the daily's for The Sons of Hodir. There are 5 I do for them and these also take me about 20 minutes per character. The ones I do for them are Blowing Hodir's Horn, Hot and Cold, Polishing the Helm, Spy Hunter and Feeding Arngrim. These pay 13g23s each so that adds up too. These are really easy quests you can do once you have your reputation up with The Sons of Hodir.

I usually get 30-40 gold a day in garbage drops per character which is nice. I loot everything I kill and skin everything I can. The gold I make from the leather adds up too.

I also have another one I do on Wranngar in the Storm Peaks, Overstock. I pick this one up in K3. This is a really simple daily that only takes a few minutes and pays 12g96s. All you have to do is lay out mines and kill some mobs that run through a certain area. There is no contact so there are no repairs, this one is pure profit.

Daily Fishing - Monsterbelly Appetite 1/16/10

Today Marcia Chase (53,65), by the fountain in Dalaran, had Monsterbelly Appetite for Wranngar and Gomorra's daily cooking quest. This one is easy but has a little travel time involved. The reason I keep mentioning travel time is it is time wasted in my opinion, you can't do anything while you are flying.

This one had me taking the flight path from Dalaran to Un'upe. Once there I flew out to the icebergs you can see to the southeast. I flew around looking for a school of Monsterbelly and found one pretty quick on Gomorra but it took 4 or 5 minutes for one to spawn when I went back later to do it on Wranngar. I fished the school until I caught a Bloated Monsterbelly, this usually only takes a few casts at most. I opened it up and retrieved the Severed Arm I was looking for.

I hearthed back to Dalaran and went to see Olisarra the Kind, (36,37) the Grand Master First Aid Trainer in the Magus Commerce Exchange. This is the only daily fishing quest that does not get handed back in to Marcia. I exchanged the Severed Arm, which she is going to attempt to reunite with the fisherman who lost it, for a Bag of Fishing Treasures.

Today Wranngar's Bag of Fishing Treasures had 6g43s64c, 5 Pygmy Oil and 2 Crafted Stars in it. Not what I was hoping to get.

Gomorra's Bag of Fishing Treasures had 8g7s78c, 3 Elixirs of Water Walking, 2 Worthless Pieces of Red Glass and a Waterlogged Recipe.

I love getting a Waterlogged Recipe, it starts a quest. The quest is to bring it to Christi Stockton, the wine vendor at One More Glass, the wine and cheese shop in Dalaran. She gives you 13g23s and 5 Dalaran Cooking Awards for it. Needless to say, Gomorra made out a lot better than Wranngar did today on this one.

Convention at the Legerdemain - Daily Cooking 1/16/10

Today when I went to see Katherine Lee (41,65), the Grand Master Cooking Trainer in the kitchen of A Hero's Welcome, she had Convention at the Legerdemain for Wranngar and Gomorra. This one has been coming up in the rotation way too often in my opinion. It burns through my mats.

This had me running over to the bank to get 4, yes 4, pieces of Chilled Meat to make the 4 Northern Stew this calls for. Then I was off to One More Glass, the wine and cheese shop in Dalaran, to get a Jug of Wine, which I found upstairs today.

Once I had those in hand I went to see Arille Azuregaze, the bartender at The Legerdemain, and exchange them for 9g93s, a Dalaran Cooking Award and a Small Spice Bag. The Legerdemain is right across the road from One More Glass so this only takes a second.

Today Wranngar's Small Spice Bag had 5 Northern Spices and another Dalaran Cooking Award in it. Not a bad haul for Wrann.

Gomorra's Small Spice Bag had 4 Northern Spices in it. Not a bad haul for Gom either, but not as good as Wrann.