Thursday, March 17, 2011

Survival Hunter

I have been playing my Survival Hunter Brieanna more lately. The reason I wasn't playing her as much was the queue time. It takes a lot longer to queue as DPS than it does to queue as a healer on my Priest Brieonna. DPS takes me anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes where Heals takes me up to 2 minutes to queue on the average.

When I first started playing my Hunter again my DPS was a little low because I was out of practice. I was hitting around 8-9k average on her when I first started and now am averaging around 11k and had a personal best of 15.9k dps on one of the boss fights. The more I play her the better it gets. I have been doing my random daily heroic on her every day lately too to get Valor points. I am over 900 now and will be getting my first piece of Valor gear soon. I am not sure if I will be getting the cloak or a trinket first, I will jump off that bridge when I get there.

I am going to try and split my time between my Hunter and Priest now so I can stay in practice on both and DPS or Heal as needed. It is a lot of fun playing a hunter, I just wish the queues were shorter. To fill in the time while I am waiting for the queue I do my Tol Barad daily's, going for the trink there, or just kill stuff and skin it for leather.

I traded my gun for a bow and am using that now. The only problem I had with the gun was all the noise it made. I know I can turn the volume off when playing to eliminate that problem but there are audible warnings in the game I didn't want to miss so this was a simple solution. It is so much nicer and quieter now :).