Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shealin - Level 29 Fire Mage - 6/28/10

I worked on Shealin some tonight and got her to level 29, she is coming along nicely. I did a few quests but mostly dungeons.

I did a couple runs through Stormwind Stockade, a couple more through Razorfen Kraul and a couple through Gnomeregan. I get a lot of XP out of the dungeons, that is how I was able to get 6 levels tonight.

I had to leave one of the runs in Razorfen Kraul I was in because I was lagging so bad I couldn't loot or cast. I was having some serious problems with lagg earlier in the day but it straightened out later on. It was so bad that I would try to loot something and it would take up to 2 minutes for the loot window to open. When it finally did everyone disappeared because they were not lagging and I had to go find them. I would try to cast a spell at something and I would just stand there with my hands flaming until it finally said my target was dead without me even casting anything. I got sick of that pretty fast and logged off for awhile. When I got back on it was better.

We had a really bad time in one of the Gnomeregan runs I was on. I lost count of how many times we wiped but it was a lot. We had a so-so tank and a Hunter that kept pulling stuff. At one point he pulled what must have been 20 mobs at one time. We were towards the end and I didn't even think there were that many mobs left alive in there. Needless to say that was another wipe. Then, all of a sudden, the Hunter left. We didn't have any more problems after that. By the time we finished I had two pieces of gear that were red and two that were yellow. I came across a couple graphics glitches in Gnomer and have attached one.

I am in no hurry to level this one up and am having a good time playing it so I think I will keep doing mostly dungeons to get my levels as they are the most fun.