Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Treads of Fleeting Joy

I only get the chance to do one or two heroic dungeons a night on Wranngar lately but I have been doing as many as I can for the valor points. I was saving them up for Treads of Fleeting Joy which I finally got last night. I have also managed to amass 37 Chaos Orbs in the process which I need to convert to gold by selling them to people who want epic 359 leather and mail items made.

My new boots bring Wranngar's item level up to 354 equipped now. My dps has been up and down the last week or so. Some dungeons I do 15k+ dps and others I am only hitting 9 or 10k. It really all depends on the group and the buffs. If I have a decent group and good buffs my dps goes through the roof. If I have a tank that can't hold aggro (I have been told I am an aggro whore) I spend more time getting pounded on than I do fighting. If I have a tank that can hold good aggro, especially on groups, I am all set. I was using an AoE that I have on a group in one dungeon last night and I hit 34k dps for that fight.

I will keep plugging away one or two here and there to collect more valor points for valuable rewards. The only problem is there are only 2 more rewards to be had from valor points then the only way I will be able to upgrade to 359+ gear is raiding which I have not had much luck with in the past. When I have tried raiding I always seem to end up in groups of quitters and we never get anywhere.

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