Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Battle for Alterac Valley 11/21/09

The battle for Alterac Valley rages on. It is still the Holiday weekend in Alterac Valley and there are a lot of battles being fought there. I fought in 31 battles on Wranngar today, 17 wins and 14 losses. It was also my daily battleground again today.

For the most part the Alliance were doing Ok in there. Both the Alliance and Horde were doing a lot of Blitzing. We did at least 6 today and the Horde probably did that many too in the battles I was in. The biggest problem the Alliance is still having is not being able to work together as a team, that is what causes most of our losses. A high percentage of the rest are people taking and holding SHGY. The rest are just poor playing and AFK. There were a lot of AFK in all the battles I was in. People are reporting them more now though, I think it is because they are removed after a minute of being flagged inactive. Now when I report to the team someone is AFK I also add, "lets get them out of here so we can get someone in here who will fight", that seems to motivate people to report them.

We had some really good battles that we won on resources. The Alliance have been winning more battles on resources than I have ever seen them win before. Usually we only win when we kill Drek. The Alliance has been playing a little better than usual lately too and that has a lot to do with it. I am almost going to be sorry to see this holiday weekend end, and that is not something you will hear me say often. I got a lot of kills this weekend and have passed the 70,000 lifetime honorable kills mark. I got a lot of honor too and upgraded a lot of my gear.

I fought in 2 Wintergrasp battles too, both of them wins. The first one I fought in the Horde were defending Winterguard Keep and we took it away from them. In the second battle I fought in we were defending the Keep and held onto it throughout the battle for another victory. I need 5 more marks to get another piece of gear I have my eye on, maybe I will get it tomorrow.

Infused Mushroom Meatloaf 11/21/09

The daily cooking today was Infused Mushroom Meatloaf, the daily fishing was The Ghostfish and I skipped it. I didn't feel like wasting the time to fly all the way out to Sholazar Basin to catch one. I already know the mystery anyway.

The daily cooking had me heading down into the sewers below Dalaran to pick some Infused Mushrooms, I needed 4 to make my meatloaf. I got them pretty quick, it seemed like no one was doing it. I ran back up and went to the bank to get a couple pieces of Chilled Meat, for the rest of the ingredients, and cooked my meatloaf. I took that over to Orton Bennet upstairs at Curiosities and Moore and exchanged it for 9g93s, a Dalaran Cooking Award and a Small Spice Bag with 3 Northern Spices in it. Not the best haul today but I have had worse.