Saturday, June 6, 2009


Overstock is a daily I try to do every day because it is so fast and easy and it pays 12g96s for a few minutes time. You pick this up from Ricket at K3 in the Storm Peaks.

Once you pick up this quest from Ricket you'll want to head northeast over to Garm's Bane (57,64). You are given Improved Land Mines to use on this quest. You need to kill 12 invaders with the mines to complete the quest. You lay down a mine by right clicking on the mine in your inventory. I have a hot key ` that I have keyed to my toolbar that I use for all my quests that require you to use something repeatedly. I usually lay out my mines in a line from one side to the other and catch them when they run through. Be careful not to lay your mines too far apart, it usually takes 2 to kill one mob so you want to make sure if they hit one they are going to hit at least one other one too. I fill in holes where needed and the whole process usually only takes a couple minutes. There is no contact so there is no equipment damage.

Once you kill 12 you can head back to Ricket for payment. She gives you 12g96s and you are on your way. A lot of people don't like this daily because it doesn't give you rep with anyone but I say it is worth the few minutes it takes for the 13 gold it pays. I always stop and do this one on my way to do my daily's for The Sons of Hodir.

Good Luck :)



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