Saturday, June 6, 2009

Daily Battleground 6/6/09

My daily battleground today was Strand of the Ancients. I queued up for it in Dalaran on Wranngar. I got in right at the start which is how I like it. We won the first one I was in and it went really quick, we just fought our way to the relic, killing and smashing anything and everything in our way. We weren't up against a very good team and that helped us win it fast lol. When it came time for the Horde's turn they got through 2 gates, we smashed all the gates when we were on offense, and then it was over, they ran out of time. I turned this is when I got out for gold and honor.

I did one Eye of the Storm battle too. We won that one but it was close, we won by less than 200 points. It didn't have to be that way, we had DR, MT and BET then everyone went flagtard and we lost MT. Then we lost DR. We managed to get everyone out of the middle long enough to get FRR but then they were right back in the middle instead of getting the 3rd node. I helped capture BET and stayed there and guarded it throughout the battle. I saw a lot of action there, from FRR and then after we lost it, DR. I kept busy :). I think I am at around 46,000 honor so I should be able to get a new piece of gear soon.


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