Friday, February 4, 2011

Thunder Falls

Thunder Falls is one of the new daily fishing quests you can get from Catherine Leland (55,69) who is located on a dock in the canals in Stormwind. For those without coords it is the dock between Trade District and Mage District.


Arnold and I have been fishing in and around Stormwind for years now. That's the kind of time it takes to find a good fishing spot. One of my favorites is called Thunder Falls.

It's just south of Stormwind in Elwynn Forest. Best part about Thunder Falls is the violet perch. I have never seen them anywhere else, only up there in at the falls. It's a bit of hike for m
e and Arnold to get out there these days though, do you think you could head up there and fetch some of those perch for us?

For this one all you need to do is head over to Thunder Falls (25,59) in Elwynn Forest. They are located just a little southwest of the gate to Stormwind. You want to go to the top of the falls to fish. There are some low level mobs there that might take offense to you being there but as they are only level 9 or so they are not a problem. There is a better than 50% catch rate so it only takes 5 or 6 casts to get the 4 Violet Perch you need.

Once you have those you can head back to Catherine Leland and turn them in for 7g40s and a Bag of Shiny Things, which so far has just had useless junk and an average of 1 silver in it. You will also get +1 to fishing skill which makes this quest worth it right there as you need to catch around a dozen fish to get one skill point in fishing when you are over 450 fishing skill.

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Rioriel said...

Bag of Shiny Crap set to contain the rare fishing poles from Wrath (the bejewled-belf one and a scourgey-skull one) from 4.0.6.

Maxed fishing pretty soon into Cata (buff food doesn't make itself, heh) but still do the daily out of habit as I'll do the cooking one nearby for tokens/gold/guildrep.

Guildies think I'm mad, I'd happily do 25 dailies a day. :')

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