Sunday, April 10, 2011

Random Daily Heroic - Shadowfang Keep 4/10/11

My daily random heroic on my Druid Wranngar was Shadowfang Keep today.

I got in with a really good group and we tore through there, possibly one of the fastest, smoothest runs I have had in there. I got a new pair of bracers with different stats than the ones I have been wearing so I am going to try them out for a few days and see if they improve my dps any.

I got my 70 valor points and the Chaos Orb as well as the bracers, it was a great run for me :).

Gomorra - Level 85 Demon/Destruction Lock 4/11/11

I worked on my Warlock Gomorra some today. I ran a couple dungeons with him once I figured out how to play him again. My dps wasn't great, I was hitting a high of 6.5k on boss fights and averaging around 5.5k overall. I got a couple pieces of 333 gear from the dungeons that I desperately needed, he is very poorly geared at this point but then again they all were at the start. I am working on his Earthen Ring rep then I will work on his Ramkahen rep as they have gear I want. At some point I will also have to work on his Hyjal rep for one of their pieces and Therazane for the shoulder chants.

I have been doing the daily cooking and fishing every day to get both of those up to 525. I have also been doing the Tolbarad and Baradin Hold Daily's every day for the past few days as well. I am now friendly with Baradin's Wardens and will keep plugging away at them until I have my trinket.

I worked on his Tailoring some today too and got his skill up to 471. I have been sending all the cloth I get to him from my other characters and have 35 stacks of Bolts of Embersilk cloth in the bank. 35 stacks, at 20 bolts a stack, is 700 bolts of cloth. That should take me a long ways towards getting his Tailoring to 525.

I also worked on his first aid some today and got that up to 518, so that is coming along. I will keep plugging away at him and get him geared eventually. I am in no big hurry as I have other characters I need to work on too, it is a never ending battle. Once I get them all geared it will be time for another expansion and I will throw away all the gear I worked so hard for and start again.