Friday, May 21, 2010

ToC 10 Man 5/20/10

We had a half guild run, half pug run on ToC 10 man tonight. I was healing on Brieonna. It was my very first raid ever on any of my toons. It didn't go very well and I attribute that to most of us, in the guild, being new to raiding and we were hoping for some help from other people with more experience. What it boiled down to in the end was getting talked down to by people who must not remember their first raid. One asshole in particular, Faite a Warrior, who said he wasn't there to carry anyone. I don't think anyone from our guild was expecting to get carried, we just wanted to learn. He was nothing special anyway, I really don't see where he had any room to talk, he wasn't geared nearly enough to be talking shit. Anyway it was a lot of bullshit and probably the last raid I will do, I will go back to PvP, something I know and no one can talk down to me about.