Sunday, April 25, 2010

Halls of Reflection (Dungeon)

I did 9 runs through the Halls of Reflection on normal mode tonight, helping a guildie who was trying to get the shield to drop off the second boss. We also did one run through Trial of the Champion due to a mis-queue.

I ended up dying twice in Halls of Reflection mostly due to the healer not being able to keep up. Halls of Reflection is the hardest of the 5 man dungeons. As such, even in normal mode, you need to have a pretty geared group that has an idea what they are doing. In one of the groups we had a rogue with a gearscore under 3,000. He didn't last long. Very few of the people in there were well geared. I was one of the best geared ones on Gomorra with a gearscore around 5100. You don't need a gearscore that high to do normal HoR, that is more the gearscore for heroic HoR.

The way HoR works is, you get 4 waves of 5 or 6 mobs each, then a boss, 4 more waves and a boss. There is no time between waves, one ends the other starts. There is no time between the last wave and the boss. There is 30 or 45 seconds I think between the first boss and the next set of waves. The second boss is the one that drops the shield we were after. He dropped everything but that.

If you make it through the first 2 bosses, there is a mob you need to kill then you have to escape from the Lich King. He moves really slow and sets up 4 barriers as you are running away. He sends out mobs each time he sets up a barrier and when you have defeated them the barrier drops only to be replaced by another one a little farther on.

When you finally make it to the end it turns out to be a dead end and it looks like you are going to have to fight the Lich King. At the last minute an airship appears and fires rockets into the cave you just came out of and collapses it on top of the Lich King. That is it, party over. You board the airship, check the chest for loot and you are done.

All in all I had a pretty good time doing that, it is just too bad the shield didn't drop for the guildie that was after it.