Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brieanna - Level 45 12/23/09

I worked on Brieanna some more tonight and got her to level 45. I wanted to get her to level 45 before Christmas so I could do Metzen the Reindeer, which I did tonight. I have less than 3 bars to 46 now.

I finished up all the quests I could solo in Hinterlands, one left, then went back to Tanaris and got a couple more there. I did one quest that was orange but got less XP than one of the yellow ones I did, I don't understand that... I hit 44 in Tanaris while questing.

Right now I am questing in Searing Gorge, I started there after Tanaris while I was still 44, that is where I leveled to 45. The mobs I was killing at level 44 were level 47-49, orange and red to me, so I was getting good XP off the kills too. I have a few more quests there, mostly orange, that should get me to 46 easily. I will get more as I go along too. I want to do the one that gets me the Key to Searing Gorge, that makes things a lot easier.

Brieanna - Level 43 12/22/09

Brieanna is coming right along, I got her up to level 43 today. I finished up everything in Stranglethorn Vale and Alterac Mountains then moved on to Tanaris. I did all the quests I could there, with the exception of the dungeon which I will go back to, then went to the Hinterlands and quested for a while. I still have a few more quests to do there which will hopefully get me to 45, then I might check out the Swamp of Sorrows to see if they have anything for me. I am still too low to move into the Plague Lands.