Friday, November 5, 2010

Nov 4th - Picking Up The Pieces

I finally logged back in today, after downloading and installing a huge patch, and checked out the changes from the patch.

There were a lot of changes. Not only did they restore all the talent points they changed the talent trees, removing a lot of things. We also only have 36 talent points now and you must put 31 into a tree before you can split into another tree. The first couple hours were spent restoring my talents on a few characters and then hitting the trainer for additional training that became available.

Hunters seemed to have gotten hit pretty hard, what else is new? I lost a lot of my good stuff but don't seem to have any problem killing things. I didn't have my damage meter loaded so I am not sure what kind of DPS I was doing. One thing we did get was the ability to carry 5 pets with us and have another 20 in the stable. We can still only use one at a time. I think that is going a little overboard myself.

Warlocks had some changes too. I reloaded all the talents for my Lock and then got the training that was available. I can now summon a DoomGuard. That was trainable so I am not sure if it is because I am a Demon Lock or if everyone gets the ability to summon one.

I respec'd my Priest too, but didn't really spend any time on her. I heard that I don't need reagents any more for a lot of my spells on her.

I did my daily's for The Sons of Hodir on Gomorra and Brieanna and did some of the Knights of the Ebon Blade on Gom. I didn't have any flight points North of K3 for some reason, could be tying in with the expansion, not sure. They are still there and I can fly out of them, I just can't fly into them. They don't show up on my map when I talk to the flight master.

Another interesting thing I noticed is Ironforge seems to be falling apart. While I was there, there was a lot of trembling and dust falling from the ceiling.

They also did away with ammo in the game. That was just great as I had about 50,000 Iceblade arrows in stock. I got 30 silver a thousand at the vendor instead of the 5 gold a thousand I paid for them. That also means no more ammo pouch, I guess I should have seen that coming, people that use ammo have been crying about having to take up a bag space with an ammo pouch for awhile. My 28 slot ammo bag was reduced to a 20 slot and it is useless anyway. No more soul shards either. My 32 slot soul bag was reduced to 24 slot and also useless. There is some weird thing going with soul shards or whatever now, not sure what it is, still trying to figure it out.

They have prime glyphs now too. These are 3 more glyphs you can have. Once you buy a glyph, you learn it so you never have to buy it again on that character. That took me a minute to figure out after I learned one but it didn't show up. It was in the list and I needed to install it from there. I am sure there are a whole slew of things I haven't come across yet that I will stumble upon in the next week or two.

Anyway I figure it is going to take me at least a week to get everyone back in shape and figure out how to play them again. I guess it's not any worse than a lot of previous patches and better than some, there were some good things to come out of it.