Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brieanna and Brieonna Level 85

I finally got Brieanna and Brieonna to level 85 over the last couple days.

I got Brieanna to 85 first, then the next day I got Brieonna to 85. I left Uldum too early on both of them and thought I was going to run out of quests in Twilight Highlands and have to go back to Uldum to quest at much lower XP, but it worked out.

I made a lot of gold leveling Brieanna's Herbalism to 525, over 2,000. That was the same with Breeonna's Mining, that made me a couple thousand too. I am not selling the leather from any of my toons as my Druid, Wranngar, is going to need it for Leatherworking. His Leatherworking is currently 501 so he is coming along. Getting him to that level took almost all the leather I had sent him but I am not worried, I still have him to level up to 85 too and he will get a lot of leather doing that. Wranngar is the only 80 I have left to level.