Monday, June 28, 2010

Shealin - Level 23 Fire Mage

I figured it would be quite awhile before I started another toon, I was wrong. I got bored the other day and decided to try a Mage. I made Shealin, equipped her with the 5 pieces of BoA (Bind on Account) gear, I had from Brieonna, and started leveling it.

It is funny that I am excited about hitting 60 DPS after getting almost 5,000 DPS out of my Shaman Breeonna.

I am not putting any kind of time frame on getting this one to 80, I am just going to level it and enjoy it, no pressure. I figure I will still get it to 80 in 10-12 days /played anyway, that seems to be the casual time for me to get a toon to 80 now.

I have been doing a lot of rendom dungeons on her and have been topping the DPS meter in most of them. Of course I have about 1,000+ gearscore over most the people I am doing the dungeons with so I should be topping the meters.

I got a mount yesterday when I hit 20 and that makes a lot of difference, it sure beats running anyway.

I will be leveling this toon after I do my daily heroics and some daily's on my other toons so it will probably take me awhile to get to 80. That's ok, there is no rush.