Monday, January 17, 2011

Wranngar - Level 81 Feral Druid

I have started working on getting Wranngar, my last level 80, to 85. He has one advantage over the others in Vashj'ir, he can breath underwater and also has swim form which greatly increases his swim speed. I think it is faster than the seahorse mount you get from the quest in Vashj'ir but other people have said no. Until I can find someone to race I won't know, but it seems faster.

He is currently questing in Vashj'ir and will be there for a bit still. I had a bunch of gear that I sent to him from my other toons, drops mostly, and some gear he made so he is not doing too bad on gear. His dps is pretty low but I am writing that off to my not having played him in over a year. I think the last time I played him was to get him to level 80 and then some PvP to get 100000 Honorable Kills. After that I pretty much lost interest in him.

His skinning is around 480 now and his leatherworking is 501. He is making good gold off quests and drops and I am thinking about dual speccing him to Feral/Balance, so I have been keeping the caster gear he gets from quests and drops too.

I am working on him on and off so he won't be 85 tomorrow but he will get there eventually. I did have one bad moment when I hearthed from Vashj'ir and found myself in Dalaran which is a ghost town now. I had to fly back to the shore then take the boat back to Stormwind where I made sure I reset my hearth stone to.