Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Daily Heroic - Shadowfang Keep 3/22/11

Today my random daily heroic on my Hunter Brieanna was Shadowfang Keep. I did it with 3 other guild members, we had to PuG out the healer but they were good.

All in all it was a pretty smooth run and went pretty fast. We made it to the last boss without a wipe but our streak of good luck ended there. It was the bullet barrage that got us even though most of us were standing up top on the landing when you come in. Being a ranged dps I took very little damage though out the run and I guess the healer kind of forgot about me because at the last boss I didn't seem to be getting any heals. I ended up dying a second time there, along with a Shaman from guild, but we got the boss down anyway.

All in all it was a pretty good run and got me another 70 Valor Points towards my next 359 ring or trinket.