Saturday, June 5, 2010

Random Dungeons - 6/5/10

I did my random heroic dungeon on Brieonna and Brieanna as well as the random daily dungeon on Breeonna.

Brieonna's random daily heroic was Halls of Reflection. I got in right after they had taken down the first boss. I'm not sure why the healer left, seemed to be a pretty good group, but I healed the second set of waves and the second boss. If we make it through that I consider the rest a breeze, and it was.

Brieanna's random daily heroic turned out to be Trial of the Champion, a pretty easy one. I was getting some pretty bad lag spikes in there but we didn't have any problem getting it done. I am not sure if others were experiencing the lag spikes, no one said anything. We were having severe thunderstorms here and I think that had something to do with it.

Breeonna's random daily dungeon was Gundrak. This one can be a little tricky if you don't have the right Tank. Last night, for example, we didn't have the right Tank. We managed to make it almost to the last boss, to the guys riding the Rhino's right before you confront the last boss. These guys silence so it is a good idea to take them one at a time. Last night our Tank decided to round up all 3 and take them all at once. That was a bad idea because now there were 3 of them casting silence at the same time. I couldn't cast, I was silenced the entire time, the healer couldn't cast (heal), they were silenced the entire time, and the Shadow Priest couldn't cast, they were silenced the entire time. That left the Tank and a Rogue to take down 3 Rhino's and their handlers. Needless to say we wiped on that.

Our Tank today didn't make that mistake and we took them down one at a time. Then we took down the boss and completed my random daily dungeon.

I did a couple more dungeons and some questing in Sholazar Basin and reached level 77, only 3 more levels to go. Maybe I will be able to hit 80 this weekend, it is possible.