Friday, March 25, 2011

A Couple Heroic Dungeons 3/25/11

I did a couple heroic dungeons on my Hunter Brieanna today, but not my random daily.

I queued into Lost City of the Tol'vir and Blackrock Caverns with a guild member that wanted to get those two done for the Cataclysm Dungeon Hero achievement. They went pretty smooth and he ended up getting his achievement.

In Lost City we had no problem at all, everything went smooth and it was pretty much a textbook run.

In Blackrock Caverns there was another Hunter besides myself, and he didn't dismiss his pet before jumping not once but twice. Basically if you jump off something your pet will not, they will take the long way around to get to you and drag every mob between you and them with them. That is what happened not once but twice. That same Hunter pulled a side group we didn't need to get at all, causing a partial wipe, I feigned death to get through that one. You have to remember that this is a heroic dungeon where the mobs have a lot of health and hit hard, you don't want to be pulling two groups at once.

When we finally got to the last boss the other Hunter was elected to kite the adds while we killed the boss. I was pretty happy about that because the last five times I have been in there I had to kite the adds. At least he did a good job of that and we got the last boss down without a problem.

Random Daily Heroic - Halls of Origination 3/23/11

Today my daily heroic on my Hunter Brieanna was Halls of Origination. We did the quick version, only the bosses we needed to get it complete. I did it with two other guild members this time.

It was a pretty smooth and easy run, we had no problems at all. HoO is one of the easier Heroics. The only real challenge is the first boss where you have to jump down and throw the switches. On normal you can have one person jump down on each side and throw the switches, on Heroic the switches are "channeled" and it takes about 6 seconds each to "flip" them and the snakes will interrupt you. You need to have the entire group jump down, one person "flipping" the switch and the tank and dps taking care of the snakes. Then you run to the other side and do the same thing. That operation went really smooth, when I am healing I always end up with some poorly geared dps tanking the snakes who uses up all my mana.

After that we did the 4 Elementals, the boss guarding the door to the top floor, then killed Rahj. The last time I was in there on a group run, the tank, a different one from today, insisted we didn't get in the center when Rahj did, leaving people out of range of heals. This tank had a better grasp of the boss and it went off really well, we had no problems with him. I will be picking and choosing which guild tanks I heal for in the future.