Friday, November 20, 2009

Battle In Alterac Valley 11/20/09

The daily battleground today was Alterac Valley. I did it on Wranngar and we won the second one I was in. I ended up fighting in 20 AV's, 10 wins and 10 losses. The new big thing now seems to be The Alterac Blitz. The only problem with that is the people saying "STRAIGHT TO DREK, DON'T STOP FOR ANYTHING" aren't bothering to check and see if we have a tank that can tank Drek at 200% health plus 4 Warmasters and 2 Frostwolves, and healers that can keep him alive, so half the time we get there and can't do anything. That was the case a few times today. We didn't necessarily lose those battles, we just didn't Blitz.

We had the usual problems of fighting in a battleground on it's holiday weekend, the weekend warriors and twice the AFK. People are starting to take an interest in reporting the AFK again it seems, maybe it is because they are AFK'd right out of the battleground after a minute.

We did have a couple wins on reinforcements and those were nice. Those were long battles with a lot of fighting and a lot of kills :). We pushed the Horde back from SPGY to SHGY then took SHGY in one reinforcement battle. I don't usually recommend taking SHGY but in this battle it was Ok because we were winning on reinforcements anyway. I got a lot of kills in that battle and another one. In the reinforcement battles we had to pile 8-10 people into IBT and TP to keep them. The Horde never go to take a tower back with just a couple, they always group up so they figure they will have anyone there outnumbered by at least 2 to 1. We surprised them a few times :). They don't even go to take a mine back unless there are at least 3 of them because they figure it was taken by 1 Alliance. I only got about 700 kills tonight in the battles I was in but I had a lot of fun.

I fought in 2 Wintergrasp battles. I should say I was in 2 Wintergrasp battles, I was in the first one from the start, a win, and got into the second one seconds before we lost. A mark is a mark though.

Dangerously Delicious and Convention at the Legerdemain 11/20/09

When I got on and grabbed my daily's they were Convention at the Legerdemain, again, and Dangerously Delicious. Convention at the Legerdemain has really been eating up my supply of Chilled Meat, it has come up a lot lately.

I did the cooking first, it only takes a couple minutes to get this one out of the way. I ran over to the bank and grabbed 4 Chilled Meat so I could make the Northern Stew. Once I had that made I headed over to the wine and cheese shop to get a Jug of Wine. I found it right inside the door today. I headed over to see Arille Azuregaze, the bartender at The Legerdemain and exchange the wine and stew for 9g93s, a Dalaran Cooking Award and a Small Spice Bag with 4 Northern Spices, 3 Baby Spice and another Dalaran Cooking Award in it. Not a bad haul today but, like the Glow Worms, I have more Old Spices and Baby Spice than I know what to do with.

I headed out to do the daily fishing after that. I had to go to Wintergrasp to catch 10 Terrorfish. I got the first 8 Ok, then the Horde showed up. There were 2 of us fishing and 4 of them. Those are the odds the Horde like. They were able to kill us but then an Alliance Hunter showed up and we killed them. Now it was 4 Horde to 3 Alliance and they didn't like those odds so they took off and came back with 3 more making it 7 to 3, those are the kind of odds where the Horde can actually kill something. We fought them for awhile then I left to go turn in my Terrorfish and do some battlegrounds. I went and saw Marcia Chase (53,65), by the fountain in Dalaran and exchanged my 10 Terrorfish for a Bag of Fishing Treasures with 8g83s15c, 3 Elixirs of Water Walking, a Tower Key, which I sold to a vendor for 16g66s66c, 3 Deviate Fish and 2 Runic Mana Potions in it. Not a bad day of fishing at all but the Deviate Fish are useless to me.

The funny thing about fishing today was I saw the same Horde Hunter in Wintergrasp later and owned him one on one. Horde are nothing unless they are at least 2 on 1 and have a healer along too. I get a kick out of them in the battlegrounds when they are guarding something, if an equal number of Alliance ride up they mount up and run away.

Alterac Valley - Daily Battleground 11/19/09

The daily battleground today was Alterac Valley. It also happened to be Alterac Valley's Holiday weekend and you know what that means, all the weekend warriors and twice the AFK. Unbelievably we won the first one I was in. I ended up fighting in 31 battles on Wranngar, 16 wins and 15 losses so we were running about 50%, although we had a long losing streak followed by a winning streak.

We won most of the battles by killing Drek but also won a few on reinforcements. We had the usual problems, a lot of AFK, people taking SHGY and causing us to get wiped out at Frostwolf Keep and the Alliance not working together. Usually at the start of the battle people will come up with a plan. It seems like most people agree with it. Then the gate goes up and people are spitting out other plans. That is where it falls apart because people no longer know what we are doing..... If the Alliance could just pick a plan and stick to it, like I am sure the Horde do most times, we could win a lot more. I am beginning to believe the rumor that the Alliance is made up of mostly children.

We did a few The Alterac Blitz but that fell apart when the group changed too much. You get to pretty much stay with the same group of people for awhile if you re-queue right away but eventually it filters out. We did them right in a row but then the group got too thin, including people who said you can't do the Blitz in a pug group....

I fought in 2 Wintergrasp battles too, both of them wins. We were defending in both battles and did a fine job :). I needed 5 more Wintergrasp Mark of Honor to get my Titan-Forged Rune of Determination. That replaced my Medallion of the Alliance.

All in all I ended up getting 1,471 honorable kills and 51,200 honor so it was a pretty good day.

Convention at the Legerdemain and MonsterBelly Appetite 11/19/09

I grabbed the daily cooking and fishing when I got on today. They were Convention at the Legerdemain and Monsterbelly Appetite, a couple easy ones.

I did the cooking first as usual. I grabbed 4 pieces of Chilled Meat, from my restocked supply in the bank, and cooked up 4 Northern Stew. Then I was off to One More Glass, the wine and cheese shop, in search of a Jug of Wine. I found it upstairs again. I took that stuff over to Arille Azuregaze, the bartender at The Legerdemain and exchanged it for 9g93s, a Dalaran Cooking Award and a Small Spice Bag with 4 Northern Spices in it. Not my best day but not bad.

I took the flight path to Un'upe to do the daily fishing after that. The only thing I don't like about this one is the travel time although I hearthed back so it wasn't too bad. I flew out to the icebergs and found a school of Monsterbelly's. I got my Bloated Monsterbelly on the 3rd cast and opened it up to get the severed arm out. Like I said, I hearthed back to Dalaran then went to see Olisarra the Kind, (36,37) the Grand Master First Aid Trainer in the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran. She is going to attempt to reunite the arm with the fisherman. That's not my problem, but she gave me a Bag of Fishing Treasures for my trouble. Today it had 8g90s16c, a Glow Worm, getting quite a collection of those, a Worthless Piece of Orange Glass and 3 Deviate Fish. Not a good day of fishing in my opinion.

I went fishing for Musselback Sculpin for awhile tonight too so I could stock up on some more Poached Northern Sculpin. I got a couple stacks and I now have over 80 in stock. I used a bunch today in the battlegrounds, but that's another post.