Friday, November 20, 2009

Convention at the Legerdemain and MonsterBelly Appetite 11/19/09

I grabbed the daily cooking and fishing when I got on today. They were Convention at the Legerdemain and Monsterbelly Appetite, a couple easy ones.

I did the cooking first as usual. I grabbed 4 pieces of Chilled Meat, from my restocked supply in the bank, and cooked up 4 Northern Stew. Then I was off to One More Glass, the wine and cheese shop, in search of a Jug of Wine. I found it upstairs again. I took that stuff over to Arille Azuregaze, the bartender at The Legerdemain and exchanged it for 9g93s, a Dalaran Cooking Award and a Small Spice Bag with 4 Northern Spices in it. Not my best day but not bad.

I took the flight path to Un'upe to do the daily fishing after that. The only thing I don't like about this one is the travel time although I hearthed back so it wasn't too bad. I flew out to the icebergs and found a school of Monsterbelly's. I got my Bloated Monsterbelly on the 3rd cast and opened it up to get the severed arm out. Like I said, I hearthed back to Dalaran then went to see Olisarra the Kind, (36,37) the Grand Master First Aid Trainer in the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran. She is going to attempt to reunite the arm with the fisherman. That's not my problem, but she gave me a Bag of Fishing Treasures for my trouble. Today it had 8g90s16c, a Glow Worm, getting quite a collection of those, a Worthless Piece of Orange Glass and 3 Deviate Fish. Not a good day of fishing in my opinion.

I went fishing for Musselback Sculpin for awhile tonight too so I could stock up on some more Poached Northern Sculpin. I got a couple stacks and I now have over 80 in stock. I used a bunch today in the battlegrounds, but that's another post.


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