Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eye of the Storm - Daily Battleground Again 11/18/09

Eye of the Storm was the daily battleground again today, what's that, 3 days in a row now? I did it on Wranngar and we were sucking as bad as usual in there. A lot of AFK and a lot of Flagtards. It took 5 battles for us to get a win, we could have won a couple of the other ones but people went Flagtard and that cost us. It almost seemed like it was still the Holiday weekend. Of course when you only have 15 people a couple AFK really hurts. Blizzard needs to get off their ass and do something about the AFK problem which is worse than it ever was even though they are allegedly "doing something about it". Anyway I finally got it done and got my 19g86s and 1241 bonus honor. I only got around 500 kills today, about half of what I have been getting but I didn't spend as much time in the battlegrounds today as I have been lately.

I did fight in 13 Alterac Valley battles, 9 wins and 4 losses. It sounds like we were doing Ok in there doesn't it? We weren't really, it was some pretty piss poor playing. We won 3 battles on reinforcements which is a lot for the Alliance, we usually don't win on reinforcements. The reason for that is some moron taking SHGY half way through the battle and causing it to drag on forever. A lot of people were pretty mad in a couple of the battles when someone took it, I can't repeat what was said here but you get the picture. In 2 of those we were in the process of capping FW East and West Towers and the RH when someone took it and caused all the Horde to rez in their cave. Naturally they grouped up and overran us at FW Keep and took everything back. We were trying to summon Ivus the Forest Lord again in the last battle but one of the people standing right there was AFK...... We only needed one more. I hate AFKers. They are completely useless. Anyway the Horde overran us and killed the Druids before we got a 10th person. It didn't matter anyway because the Horde were down to 12 reinforcements by that point.

The new thing in AV now seems to be rush Drek then see if you have a tank when you get there. Yeah..... Lost a couple that way. When you go after Drek with all the towers up you have to deal with Drek at 200% health (each tower that is up gives him +25% health), 4 Warmasters (each tower that is up represents a Warmaster) and 2 elite Frostwolves. Needless to say you need a pretty good tank. A plate wearing tank. And you have to kill him quick. People don't seem to realize that or maybe they just don't think.


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