Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Daily Heroic - Blackrock Caverns 4/20/11

Today I got Blackrock Caverns for my random daily heroic on Wranngar. This instance isn't too bad as long as you have a decent group that knows how to do the second boss.

After clearing a couple groups of trash we were ready to take down the first boss, Rom'ogg Bonecrusher. This boss has a few moves but the most dangerous is the binding chains he puts on you and the skullcracker he does immediately afterwards. It is very important that you dps down the chains as fast as you can so you have time to get away before he does the skullcracker. We wiped on this boss because someone got too close to a group of mobs the tank didn't clear, sloppy playing combined with sloppy clearing. After we got by this boss we cleared some more trash which brought us to Corla, Hearld of Twilight.

This is where a group has to work together. I have seen so many wipes trying to take this boss down because people don't know what they are doing. It is not a hard boss, but everything has to be done right. You need three people to block the beams. As you are blocking the beam you are building up stacks, you need to step out of the beam when you hit 80 stacks. I usually start moving around 75 stacks. You stay out of the beam until the stacks wear off then step right back into the beam. Repeat this until the boss is down. Simple. I have seen so many wipes on this boss.

Some more trash brings you to Karsh Steelbender. Simple boss. Just run him through the fire once in awhile and dps him down. DPS goes up as the stacks do so you can burn this boss down pretty fast.

Once you have Steelbender down you have some more trash to get you to Beauty. Beauty has 2 smaller dogs with her, Lucky and I think the other one's name is Buster or Spot. There is also Runty in the back but you don't need to deal with him. Use some kind of CC on the two smaller dogs, remembering to refresh it once in awhile, and take the boss down, pretty easy stuff.

A little more trash brings you to the last boss, Ascendant Lord Obsidius. He will have 3 "followers" with him that someone in the group will have to kite. I have found it pretty easy to kite them in Bear form on my Druid, with my Hunter and it looks like Mages can do it easily also. Once in awhile during the fight he will switch places with one of his "followers" so whoever is kiting will need to pick that one up while the dps switches back to the boss. Usually not a hard fight.

I completed this as my daily and received my 70 Valor Points as well as winning the Chaos Orb. I now have 17 Chaos Orbs in stock, I think it is time to make something.

Originally posted on A World of Warcraft Blog on 4/21/11