Friday, May 29, 2009

Feeding Arngrim

Feeding Arngrim is a daily you can do to earn rep with The Sons of Hodir. You have to be revered with The Sons of Hodir to be able to pick up this daily. If you don't have enough rep with The Sons of Hodir to do their daily's then check out Unlocking The Sons of Hodir Daily's to see how you can increase your rep with them. You pick this quest up from Arngrim's monument I guess you would call it.

For this quest you are given Arngrim's Tooth which you use to feed him. You will need to head to the Valley Ancient Winters which is due west of Dun Niffelem. There you will see these worms running around called Roaming Jormungar.

You have to throw Arngrim's Tooth at a Roaming Jormungar then beat up on it enough so it is docile. To do this you target the Roaming Jormungar then right click on the tooth. You will know when it is docile because you won't be able to hit it anymore. They are usually docile enough around 3k hp. Don't make the mistake I do and kill them before they go docile, you get nothing for that and can't even loot or skin them. You need to beat up on them gently :).

Once they are docile Arngrim comes out and eats them. You get credit for feeding him as soon as they go docile. You need to do this 5 times to complete the daily. I usually have to wait for the tooth to cool down before I can move on to the next one so this is a pretty quick quest, only takes a few minutes.

You turn this daily back in where you got it. It pays 13g23s and 350 rep with The Sons of Hodir. This is a quick and easy daily that gets you some good gold and good rep. You should plan on doing this one along with Polishing the Helm and Spy Hunter as they are in the same area.

Good Luck :)

The Sons of Hodir - Exalted


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