Saturday, May 7, 2011

Random Daily Heroics - 5/5-6/11

It's been awhile since I logged into WoW and even longer since I posted anything. I did the random daily heroic the last couple days on Wranngar.

Thursday I got Shadowfang Keep for my daily. That went well even though I didn't have DBM or Recount loaded. I was in there with a friend and they let me know what Recount was saying, I was having a little lag but not doing bad on the DPS. I averaged 13k for the run. We didn't have any problems on the run. There were a couple deaths but I wasn't one of them. I didn't get the orb, just my 70 Valor Points.

Friday I had Grim Batol. I got in after the second boss and we skipped the third boss so it was a pretty quick run. We did wipe once on the last boss though, the only one I fought. In heroic Grim Batol you have to plan how to take the adds before you engage the last boss. I guess the tank was in a hurry though and charged right in. When the adds came out I picked the right side each time. None of the adds on my side hatched an egg. Unfortunately the same could not be said about the mobs on the other side. Each of the ones that went to the other side hatched an egg, so we were getting dps'd by the dragonwhelps and they were healing the boss. We wiped.

After that they decided to assign sides. I got the left side, opposite of the side I was doing on the first attempt. We tried it again, again none of the adds on my side hatched an egg but one got hatched on the other side. We made it through that time though and got him down. I got my 70 Valor Points and the Chaos Orb so it was a good run for me.

Now when I look in the dungeon finder it says I can do five more dungeons this week. It also shows 70 Valor Points as the reward. I think they made it so you can do all seven of your dungeons in one day, and get 70 Valor Points from each, but the cap is seven per week. After your seven for the week are up I would assume you get gold like you would have after your first one each day. I am not sure, I will try it out the next time I am on.

Posted on A World of Warcraft Blog - 5/7/11


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