Sunday, July 25, 2010


I didn't get a chance to get on at all during the week, but I finally had some time to get on this weekend for a couple hours.

I did a couple dungeons on Shealin and some questing in Tanaris and got her to level 49.

I did 2 runs through Maraudon Yellow and a run through Blackrock Depths. The run through BRD was a lot of fun and we kept on going after we completed the Prison so I got a lot of good XP out of it. I also had lag so bad towards the end I couldn't move most the time and ended up disconnecting a couple times before I finally gave up.

The farther we went into BRD the lower my DPS got. The reason for that was the farther in we went the higher the level of the mobs got. The higher level the mobs got the more casts I missed, resulting in lower DPS. My hit rating is pretty low even though I drink a potion to raise it by 10 for an hour. There is just not a lot of cloth gear with hit on it. I have +5 hit enchanted onto my boots and an amulet for my neck with +11 hit but that is only 16. With the potion it is 26, still not great. When I get to level 80, the gear I will be getting will have hit on it as well as some trinkets I can get. Hit cap for a caster is 17%, right now my hit rating is about 2.5%. I have a long way to go. I was missing about 1 out of 3 casts towards the end of my run through BRD on mobs that were 4 to 5 levels higher than me.

Like I have said before, I am in no hurry to get to level 80 on this one, I am going to take my time and enjoy leveling it. My job now keeps me away from WoW during the week for the most part but I get on when I can and make sure I get some time in on the weekends. I will get to 80 eventually :).

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shealin - Level 48 Fire Mage - 7/18/10

I didn't have time to play much at all this week. I got on for a half hour here, an hour there but didn't really get much done on Shealin.

I did have a few hours between last night and this morning though, and got her to level 48. I did only dungeons this morning as the wait time was really low so I could get in fast. I did dungeons and some questing last night.

I am still stuck in Maraudon for the most part. I did 3 runs through Orange and one through Yellow last night along with one run through Zul'Farrak, which we queued into, and one run through Blackrock Depths, which we queued into. I was with a pretty good group last night and we stuck together, running dungeon after dungeon. I got a lot of XP from that. I hit 48 last night.

Today I did one and a half runs though Maraudon Yellow. About half way through the first run I started getting bad lag and really high latency, around 1200ms. I stuck it out even though I thought I was going to disconnect a couple times I was lagging so bad. After I got out I logged out and back in and my latency was good again, around 300ms. I queued for another dungeon, got Maraudon Yellow again and made it about half way though that before the lag hit me again. It got so bad I would freeze up for a full minute and when I unfroze everyone would be gone, onto the next mobs. I finally made it though that one too though. When I got out my latency was normal and the lag was gone.

I decided to try one more and got Temple of Atal'Hakkar, a.k.a. Sunken Temple. That went pretty well until we got down into the middle area, then the lag hit worse than ever. After 5 minutes of that I finally disconnected and didn't bother logging in again. I might try to log on for a while again tonight, I'm not sure.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Shealin - Level 46 Fire Mage - 7/11/10

I did some more questing and some more dungeons on Shealin and managed to get her to level 46. She is moving along nicely. As usual I was in queue for a random dungeon the whole time I was playing, except when I was in a dungeon, and I did quests while I waited. I got caught in a sandstorm in Tanaris while I was questing, it wasn't too bad, I have been in worse.

I finally got out of Maraudon Purple and into Maraudon Orange. I also had one run through Zul'Farrak that I got a lot of XP and a level out of. Then it was back to Maraudon Purple again. The speed at which I am leveling I should be done with these soon tho.

When I turned in all the quests I completed in Zul'Farrak and a couple I didn't have time to turn in before I went in there I leveled again to 46. Only 34 more levels to go.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Really Bad Pit of Saron Run 7/10/10

I did a run through Heroic Pit of Saron today on my Shaman, Breeonna, and it was a pretty bad run.

First off we went from the entrance right to Forgemaster Garfrost, skipping all the trash mobs which have a chance to drop Battered Hilt. Battered Hilt goes for around 10,000 gold on my server or you can keep it and do the quest to get a nice weapon. Either way, it is worth killing a few trash mobs on the chance it could drop. Anyway we went right to Forgemaster Garfrost and that was where we had our first wipe. We did manage to bring him down on our second attempt. That was wipe number 1.

Did I mention we had 3 Deathknights in the group? One was the Tank. Don't even get me going on DK Tanks. We managed to kill all the mobs up to Krick and Ick then wiped again on him. Wipe number 2. I used up my resurrect on that one so we didn't have to run all the way back. We got him down on our second attempt after kicking the Healer from our group. I personally didn't think he was doing too bad, it is a hard instance to heal.

We had our next wipe on the mobs on the way up to the tunnel. The DK "Tank" made the decision we were going to run up there and get by the first 2 sets of mobs, that hardly ever works and it didn't work this time either. Usually what ends up happening is you have at least 2 sets of mobs attacking you instead of fighting just one. This time was no exception. That was wipe number 3.

We finally made it up to the tunnel and started the run to the mid point. We rounded up all the mobs in the first half, dodged the falling ice and got to mid point. That was when the Healer DC'd. Wipe number 4.

We got another healer, a Paladin, and he thought it was pretty funny we wiped in the tunnel. We made the run to mid tunnel again, rounding up all the mobs and dodging the falling ice. The Tank almost died at that point but we managed to kill everything and started the run to the end of the tunnel, rounding up all the mobs and dodging the falling ice. The Tank died before we got there. The Paladin said "I can't heal you when you're running, you have to stop". You DO NOT stop in the tunnel because of the falling ice and the fact you have mobs attacking you. Fail Healer combined with a DK "Tank" = wipe number 5.

At that point the Healer left, the Tank left and one of the DPS left, leaving me and another DPS. He said he knew a Tank so we invited him and requeued. It only took a few seconds to get another healer and DPS and we were on our way through the tunnel again. We ran up to the mid point, rounding up all the mobs and dodging the falling ice. We killed all the mobs there, then ran to the end, rounding up the rest of the mobs and dodging the falling ice, and killed those too.

After that all we had to do was kill Scourgelord Tyrannus which, believe it or not, went pretty smooth. Of course we only had 2 people from the original group and a Warrior Tank so we basically had a much better group. The DPS that was in it from the start got the Axe he was after so it worked out well for him which was good. All I was doing was running a dungeon, there was nothing in there I needed and the only thing I wanted was a chance at a Battered Hilt.

That was my last dungeon of the day needless to say. It wasn't even my random daily dungeon, I did that earlier, it was just a random for me.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shealin - Level 42 Fire Mage - 7/8/10

I haven't been able to get much play time in over the last few days but I did get some time today. Shealin is now level 42 and has a lot of rested XP so the rest of this level should go by pretty fast.

I was questing in Tanaris and doing dungeons. The dungeon I am stuck in now is Maraudon Purple. Maraudon is so huge they broke it into, I believe, 3 parts, Purple, Orange and Yellow. You get credit for each part and get the achievement when you have completed all 3. I have run Purple 4 or 5 times now. I can remember doing this when it was all one part, which you still can if you want to, and it used to take hours on end. I am happy they broke it up.

I got Shealin her Armored Brown Bear as soon as she hit 40. The price on that went down, maybe because it is the 6th one I have bought? I don't know but I doubt that is the reason. It is more likely they just lowered the price. It cost me 750 gold each for the first 5 but this one only cost me 712 gold. That is with no Kirin Tor rep, the more rep you have with them the lower the price gets. Because I get them at level 40 it is impossible for me to have any rep with Kirin Tor as they are in Dalaran in Northrend, a place I am not supposed to be until level 68.

As I have said before I am in no hurry to level this one, I am just going to work on it when I feel like it and get to 80 when I get to 80. I did what I set out to do with Breeonna and that was level a character 1 to 80 in less than 10 days /played. I got her to 80 in 8 days 14 hours /played. I don't even know how much time I have /played on Shealin, I haven't even looked.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shealin - Level 37 Fire Mage - 7/1/10

I worked on Shealin some more the last couple days and got her to level 37. I can now portal myself everywhere except Shattrath and Dalaran. That's ok though, I got a Mage to port me to Dalaran the other day, where I set my hearthstone to home, so I can just hearth there and use the portals to go wherever I want.

I have been doing a lot of dungeons and a little questing. I have done all the Scarlet Monastery dungeons now. I did one run through the Cathedral today but I was only 36, the minimum level to be in there, and my DPS was pretty poor. The reason it was so poor was because I couldn't hit anything. The mobs were too high and I was missing with most my casts. The group I did the Armory with queued into there instead of a random after, that was how I got in there. In a random I wouldn't have queued in there yet. I also did a couple runs through the Library too.

I did two runs through Razorfen Kraul. One of them was fun and the other not so much fun. We had a pretty bad tank in one run and I ended up doing a lot of tanking myself. I thought he was one of those tanks that could only hold aggro on one mob at a time but that was not the case, he couldn't even hold aggro on one. He was a Warrior and Warriors have an AoE that they use when taking multiple mobs to get aggro on all of them. I am not sure what it is called, Stomp or Thunder or something, but he wasn't using it. I finally pointed out to him he was tanking multiple mobs and he should be using his AoE. He used it a couple times after that and it went better for those times but he wasn't using it all the time for some reason. Maybe he didn't want to tank.

Yesterday we had this jerk that queued into Scarlet Monastery Graveyard as a tank. He was a Druid but when he got there he said he wasn't a tank, he was a healer. Apparently he had done this before, according to someone in the group. What he was doing was queuing as a tank because tanks get almost instant queues then refusing to tank. He just didn't want to wait for the queue. At that point someone else would tank, if they could, but then there would be two healers... Idiots like that should be banned from the game. They screw it up for everyone.