Saturday, July 10, 2010

Really Bad Pit of Saron Run 7/10/10

I did a run through Heroic Pit of Saron today on my Shaman, Breeonna, and it was a pretty bad run.

First off we went from the entrance right to Forgemaster Garfrost, skipping all the trash mobs which have a chance to drop Battered Hilt. Battered Hilt goes for around 10,000 gold on my server or you can keep it and do the quest to get a nice weapon. Either way, it is worth killing a few trash mobs on the chance it could drop. Anyway we went right to Forgemaster Garfrost and that was where we had our first wipe. We did manage to bring him down on our second attempt. That was wipe number 1.

Did I mention we had 3 Deathknights in the group? One was the Tank. Don't even get me going on DK Tanks. We managed to kill all the mobs up to Krick and Ick then wiped again on him. Wipe number 2. I used up my resurrect on that one so we didn't have to run all the way back. We got him down on our second attempt after kicking the Healer from our group. I personally didn't think he was doing too bad, it is a hard instance to heal.

We had our next wipe on the mobs on the way up to the tunnel. The DK "Tank" made the decision we were going to run up there and get by the first 2 sets of mobs, that hardly ever works and it didn't work this time either. Usually what ends up happening is you have at least 2 sets of mobs attacking you instead of fighting just one. This time was no exception. That was wipe number 3.

We finally made it up to the tunnel and started the run to the mid point. We rounded up all the mobs in the first half, dodged the falling ice and got to mid point. That was when the Healer DC'd. Wipe number 4.

We got another healer, a Paladin, and he thought it was pretty funny we wiped in the tunnel. We made the run to mid tunnel again, rounding up all the mobs and dodging the falling ice. The Tank almost died at that point but we managed to kill everything and started the run to the end of the tunnel, rounding up all the mobs and dodging the falling ice. The Tank died before we got there. The Paladin said "I can't heal you when you're running, you have to stop". You DO NOT stop in the tunnel because of the falling ice and the fact you have mobs attacking you. Fail Healer combined with a DK "Tank" = wipe number 5.

At that point the Healer left, the Tank left and one of the DPS left, leaving me and another DPS. He said he knew a Tank so we invited him and requeued. It only took a few seconds to get another healer and DPS and we were on our way through the tunnel again. We ran up to the mid point, rounding up all the mobs and dodging the falling ice. We killed all the mobs there, then ran to the end, rounding up the rest of the mobs and dodging the falling ice, and killed those too.

After that all we had to do was kill Scourgelord Tyrannus which, believe it or not, went pretty smooth. Of course we only had 2 people from the original group and a Warrior Tank so we basically had a much better group. The DPS that was in it from the start got the Axe he was after so it worked out well for him which was good. All I was doing was running a dungeon, there was nothing in there I needed and the only thing I wanted was a chance at a Battered Hilt.

That was my last dungeon of the day needless to say. It wasn't even my random daily dungeon, I did that earlier, it was just a random for me.


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