Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shealin - Level 32 Fire Mage - 6/29/10

I didn't have as much time to work on Shealin tonight so I only got her to level 32. Still, 3 levels tonight wasn't bad.

I did dungeons mostly tonight. Actually I only did one dungeon, Scarlet Monastery Graveyard, over and over. It seems to be the only one I am queuing into now. Hopefully that will pass as soon as I hit level 33. SMGY is short and boring. There are no good drops for me in there, the last boss drops a couple nice items but they are off-hand and shoulders, I have a 2 hand weapon and BoA shoulders so I can't use them.

Hopefully tomorrow, when I hit 33, I will start doing Scarlet Monastery Library, Armory and Cathederal. They are longer and more fun, not to mention a lot more XP.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shealin - Level 29 Fire Mage - 6/28/10

I worked on Shealin some tonight and got her to level 29, she is coming along nicely. I did a few quests but mostly dungeons.

I did a couple runs through Stormwind Stockade, a couple more through Razorfen Kraul and a couple through Gnomeregan. I get a lot of XP out of the dungeons, that is how I was able to get 6 levels tonight.

I had to leave one of the runs in Razorfen Kraul I was in because I was lagging so bad I couldn't loot or cast. I was having some serious problems with lagg earlier in the day but it straightened out later on. It was so bad that I would try to loot something and it would take up to 2 minutes for the loot window to open. When it finally did everyone disappeared because they were not lagging and I had to go find them. I would try to cast a spell at something and I would just stand there with my hands flaming until it finally said my target was dead without me even casting anything. I got sick of that pretty fast and logged off for awhile. When I got back on it was better.

We had a really bad time in one of the Gnomeregan runs I was on. I lost count of how many times we wiped but it was a lot. We had a so-so tank and a Hunter that kept pulling stuff. At one point he pulled what must have been 20 mobs at one time. We were towards the end and I didn't even think there were that many mobs left alive in there. Needless to say that was another wipe. Then, all of a sudden, the Hunter left. We didn't have any more problems after that. By the time we finished I had two pieces of gear that were red and two that were yellow. I came across a couple graphics glitches in Gnomer and have attached one.

I am in no hurry to level this one up and am having a good time playing it so I think I will keep doing mostly dungeons to get my levels as they are the most fun.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Shealin - Level 23 Fire Mage

I figured it would be quite awhile before I started another toon, I was wrong. I got bored the other day and decided to try a Mage. I made Shealin, equipped her with the 5 pieces of BoA (Bind on Account) gear, I had from Brieonna, and started leveling it.

It is funny that I am excited about hitting 60 DPS after getting almost 5,000 DPS out of my Shaman Breeonna.

I am not putting any kind of time frame on getting this one to 80, I am just going to level it and enjoy it, no pressure. I figure I will still get it to 80 in 10-12 days /played anyway, that seems to be the casual time for me to get a toon to 80 now.

I have been doing a lot of rendom dungeons on her and have been topping the DPS meter in most of them. Of course I have about 1,000+ gearscore over most the people I am doing the dungeons with so I should be topping the meters.

I got a mount yesterday when I hit 20 and that makes a lot of difference, it sure beats running anyway.

I will be leveling this toon after I do my daily heroics and some daily's on my other toons so it will probably take me awhile to get to 80. That's ok, there is no rush.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Daily's and Dungeons 6/24/10

I have been doing my daily's and heroic dungeons on Breeonna, Brieanna and Brieonna. I have been doing the cooking on Brieanna and the fishing on both Brieanna and Brieonna. I am still hoping to get the Jeweled Fishing Pole for Brieonna from the daily fishing quest but haven't had much luck so far.

I have been doing my daily quests for the Knights of the Ebon Blade and The Sons of Hodir on Breeonna to get some gold together for the 300 riding skill on her and Brieonna. That is starting to add up.

I have done the season daily for Ice Frost Lord Ahune the last few days on Breeonna and Brieanna too. That is a really quick dungeon and awards 2 Emblem of Frost for the first run. You get nothing after that except a chance at the cape he drops which I don't need so I try to limit that to one run a day. I did do 3 runs the other day because someone in the group was after a certain one of the 5 capes he drops but when he finally got it I went on to other things.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ice Frost Lord

Today I grouped through dungeon finder to kill a seasonal boss. Ice Frost Lord Ahune is a boss that is only available during the Midsummer Fire Festival. You summon him in the Slave Pens.

You queue for this in the dungeon finder and he is a fast easy boss. When you queue into the slave pens you will see a crystal off to the left guarded by a mob. You will need to kill that mob and click on the crystal to summon Ahune. Once he is summoned he will summon an earth elemental. While you are fighting that a bunch of water elementals appear, I believe the earth elemental summons them but it could be Ahune. The earth elemental is elite and the water elementals are not.

There are a couple phases to this, the first one is fighting the earth elemental, when you defeat that Ahune will despawn and a crystal will take his place, you want to destroy that crystal. Ahune will appear again and summon another earth elemental, you will go back to fighting that and once you kill it you will want to finish destroying the crystal. When he is done a loot crate will appear.

I have read that is you destroy the crystal in the first phase, before Ahune respawns, the crate chest will probably not appear so it is a good idea to wait until after he respawns to finish destroying the crystal.

The main piece of loot you roll for always seems to be a level 232 cape. There is also a Shards of Ahune you will receive the very first time you do this boss. It starts a quest so make sure you click on it and accept the quest before you leave the instance because you hand it in right there inside the instance. You will also receive a Satchel of Chilled Goods the first time you do this each day. In that you will find 2 Emblem of Frost. You can do this as many times as you like per day but you will only receive a Satchel of Chilled Goods the first time on each toon. You can also only do the Shards of Ahune quest once per toon.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily's and Random Dungeons

I have been doing my daily's for the Knights of the Ebon Blade and The Sons of Hodir on Breeonna as well as the random daily heroics and random dungeons. I have been doing the random daily heroic and daily fishing quest on Brieanna and Brieonna as well as the daily cooking on Brieanna.

Brieonna got the Bone Fishing Pole from her Bag of Fishing Treasures the other day but can't use it yet because it requires 300 fishing skill and her's is only around 225. I will have to work on that so I can get that extra +30 to fishing skill the pole offers.

I got Brieanna a new chest piece today with the Emblem of Frost she has been collecting forever. I got her the Longstrider's Vest for 95 Emblem of Frost. At 2 a day it takes awhile to collect 95. That is her fist piece of level 264 armor.

I still need some more Emblem of Triumph to get Breeonna her piece of 245 gear. I am only getting her one of the 2 pieces I could get, to replace her 232 pieces, because I don't want to lose the 4 piece set buff I am getting from her 232 set.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Northern Exposure

While I was doing my daily quests on Breeonna, for the Knights of the Ebon Blade in Jotunheim today, I was attacked by a rare elite. You can identify a rare elite because they have a silver dragon around their portrait instead of a golden one.

The one that attacked me was Hildana Deathstealer. Hildana Deathstealer is a level 80 rare elite. I noticed right off it was a rare but I didn't know how rare until after I had killed in and got the achievement Northern Exposure.

She dropped a couple things, Val'kyr Vestments of the Scorcerer and an Abandoned Adventurer's Satchel. I put the Vestments on the auction house for a starting bid of 250 gold and a buyout of 275 gold. The Abandoned Adventurer's Satchel contained 22g74s33c and 20 Frostweave Cloth so that was pretty nice too. I have heard of people spending months trying to find one of these rares to get the achievement but I think this is how it usually happens, you run into it, or get attacked by it, when you least expect it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lately I have been working on getting Breeonna geared. I have her gearscore up to 4.5K now and still need about 225 more Emblem of Triumph to go as far as I can with Triumph. That would be my 2 Trinkets, new chest and one of the 245 pieces. I am only going to get 1 of the 245 pieces because I don't want to lose the 4 set bonus I am getting on the 232 set I have.

I have also been doing daily's on Breeonna, Brieanna and Brieonna, mostly the cooking, fishing and daily heroic dungeon. I can't do the daily cooking or fishing on Breeonna yet but I have been doing the The Sons of Hodir and Knights of the Ebon Blade daily's on her since I finished the prereque quest line for each.

Our guild doesn't look like it is going to be raiding, at least not the morning slot during the week, which is my night, so I am either going to have to give up on raiding or find another guild. I really don't want to find another guild because I like this one so hopefully something will work out with the raiding. Raiding is the only way I am going to get the better gear I want.

Monday, June 14, 2010

More Random Heroic Dungeons 6/13/10

I have been doing random heroic dungeons on Breeonna to get Emblems of Triumph for gear as well as any good drops I might come across. I have gotten a few good drops as well as some pieces using my emblems.

For a while my DPS was all over the place but in the last couple days it has evened out. Lately I have been able to maintain around 3K DPS in most of the randoms I have been in and it is slowing climbing as I get more gear.

I did The Sons of Hodir quest line so I can start doing their daily's. Now that I am 80 I need to raise enough gold to get 300 riding skill on both Breeonna and Brieonna. That is going to cost me 10,000 gold total. I have my work cut out for me. I also need to work on my Mining skill on Breeonna and my Enchanting skill on Brieonna.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Daily Fishing - Jewel of the Sewers 6/13/10

Today the daily fishing quest was Jewel Of The Sewers. I picked it up from Marcia Chase in Dalaran. I like this one because you don't have to leave Dalaran to do it, a nice fast one. Today I did it on Brieanna and Brieonna, I am hoping to get the Jeweled Fishing Pole for Brieonna, Brieanna already has it.

This one had me heading down into the sewers to my spot in the Black Market. Once there it only took me 1 cast on Brieonna and 4 casts on Brieanna to get the piece of Corroded Jewelry I was after. Once I had that I headed back up to turn it in to Marcia Chase (53,65), by the fountain in Dalaran in exchange for a Bag of Fishing Treasures.

Today Brieanna's Bag of Fishing Treasures had 8g57s43c, a Glow Worm and 2 pieces of Worthless Green Glass in it. Not the best haul for her today.

Brieonna's Bag of Fishing Treasures had 10g31s6c, 4 Pygmy Oil, 2 Deviate Fish and a Runic Mana Potion in it. She didn't make out much better than Brieanna.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ding - 6/10/10

Breeonna achieved level 80 today after handing in some daily quests for the Knights of the Ebon Blade. The total time /played to reach 80 was 8 days 14 hours 38 minutes and 44 seconds. My goal was to get a character to 80 in less than 10 days /played. This came shortly after I got my Priest, Brieonna, to level 80 which took me 12 days /played. It seems like all I have been doing for the last couple months is leveling characters, I am looking forward to the chance to just relax and play now.

I will be doing a lot of random heroics on Breeonna to get Emblem of Triumph and Emblem of Frost for gear as well as any gear I get in drops during the process. I have been getting great DPS out of this toon all along and I can't wait to see what I can do with it once I am geared.

The first thing I did after I hit 80 was train, then a random heroic dungeon, which was Halls of Lightning, then I went to get my Worg Pup. I didn't want to take the time out to get it while I was leveling so I got it right after I hit 80. Now I have to work on my mining, cooking and fishing skills too.

More Random Dungeons 6/9/10

I did some more Random dungeons on Breeonna today as well as questing in between and am now over half way through level 79. I will be 80 tomorrow. Then starts the process of gearing.

I ran across someone in a random dungeon today that reads this blog. They are the first person I have come across in game that has recognized one of my toons and asked me if I have a blog. I have had people make toons on my server just to say hi and tell me they read my blog, but this is the first person I have just run into. Rahstahfarhi from Kilrogg was their name and they were the healer for our group.

I did quite a few more random dungeons and some quests in Icecrown and am currently doing the quests for the Knights of the Ebon Blade which will get me to 80. I have even started doing the daily quests for them.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ICC 10 Man

I was invited to heal an ICC 10 man raid on Brieonna last night. I had never done it before, didn't even know how to get there, but I decided to give it a shot. I was to be the main tank and off tank healer. I was one of 3 healers for the group.

Needless to say I was pretty nervous but it worked out ok. I was in there with someone else from my guild who had done the first 4 bosses. They gave me pointers about each fight. I was also on vent although I couldn't speak, I don't currently have a mic set up, but I could hear what the person who set up the raid was saying. I died a couple times, all the healers died at least once at one time or another, but we didn't wipe.

We did the first 4 bosses and it went pretty smooth, even the people who had done it before said it went smooth. I had a lot of fun and it wasn't anywhere near as stressful as I thought it would be. I didn't get any drops from it, there was a nice staff that dropped that I would have loved but I lost the roll on. I did get a bunch of Emblem of Frost which made it worthwhile right there as far as I'm concerned.

I now have the achievements for the first 4 bosses in ICC 10 Man, my only raid achievements so far, and that will help get me in to more raids in there in the future.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Random Dungeons - 6/5/10

I did my random heroic dungeon on Brieonna and Brieanna as well as the random daily dungeon on Breeonna.

Brieonna's random daily heroic was Halls of Reflection. I got in right after they had taken down the first boss. I'm not sure why the healer left, seemed to be a pretty good group, but I healed the second set of waves and the second boss. If we make it through that I consider the rest a breeze, and it was.

Brieanna's random daily heroic turned out to be Trial of the Champion, a pretty easy one. I was getting some pretty bad lag spikes in there but we didn't have any problem getting it done. I am not sure if others were experiencing the lag spikes, no one said anything. We were having severe thunderstorms here and I think that had something to do with it.

Breeonna's random daily dungeon was Gundrak. This one can be a little tricky if you don't have the right Tank. Last night, for example, we didn't have the right Tank. We managed to make it almost to the last boss, to the guys riding the Rhino's right before you confront the last boss. These guys silence so it is a good idea to take them one at a time. Last night our Tank decided to round up all 3 and take them all at once. That was a bad idea because now there were 3 of them casting silence at the same time. I couldn't cast, I was silenced the entire time, the healer couldn't cast (heal), they were silenced the entire time, and the Shadow Priest couldn't cast, they were silenced the entire time. That left the Tank and a Rogue to take down 3 Rhino's and their handlers. Needless to say we wiped on that.

Our Tank today didn't make that mistake and we took them down one at a time. Then we took down the boss and completed my random daily dungeon.

I did a couple more dungeons and some questing in Sholazar Basin and reached level 77, only 3 more levels to go. Maybe I will be able to hit 80 this weekend, it is possible.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Dungeons - 6/3/10

I did some more random dungeons on Breeonna tonight as well as Brieonna's random heroic dungeon which was Azjol-Nerub.

Brieonna breezed through healing her dungeon and we didn't lose anyone until the end. One person died when the last boss did POUND while they were standing right in front of him. You would think that someone at level 80 in this dungeon on heroic would know better than to stand in front of the boss when he does POUND but evidently there are people out there who don't learn from their mistakes. Basically, unless you are the tank, or geared like one, POUND is going to one shot you. It happened to me once on Gomorra and I learned my lesson, it hasn't happened to me again on any of my toons in all the runs I have done since.

Breeonna also did one run through there tonight and it went smooth. Almost all of her dungeons went smooth tonight except one run through Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom where the healer wasn't quite up to speed. Even that run wasn't too bad though, I just kept my eyes open and healed myself when I needed to. I also did some questing in Zul'Drak and got her to level 76. Only 4 more levels to go now.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Breeonna - Level 75 Elemental Shaman

I got Breeonna to level 75 tonight. I did some questing and random dungeons to accomplish that.

As far as questing goes I moved from Dragonblight to Grizzly Hills, then into Zul'Drak, which is where I am questing now. I am getting better XP per quest in Zul'Drak than I was in Grizzly Hills or Dragonblight so that's a lot better.

I did my first run through Violet Hold tonight. It was nice to get into a different dungeon and I also got a nice pair of boots out of it too. Now, with a little more variety in dungeons to queue into, it is not so boring as it gets when you just run the same dungeon over and over.

I will keep questing in Zul'Drak, then move onto Sholazar Basin and eventually Icecrown.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Breeonna - Random Dungeons

I did some more random dungeons on Breeonna tonight and got her to level 74.

She is coming right along and it won't be long until I am 80 :). As usual I have been leading the groups I am in for DPS. Sometimes I lead by a lot, hundreds of thousands above the next highest person. I can't wait to hit 80, get geared, and see what kind of damage I can do.

I have been questing too, but I am at that point were I am towards the top level for the area so I am not getting great XP for the quests I am doing. I am still too low to go on to the next area so I am stuck there for a while I guess.